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Former King expresses worries about the latest political situation, accuses parties of breaching understanding

By Our Reporter
9119Former king Gyanendra in his New Year message has expressed his ire against the political parties.
“How were the last 11 years? What happened during the period? What improvements were made in the social, economic and civic rights of the Nepalese people in the last 11 years?” the former King stated in his message. He also wished that national integrity, unity, sovereignty and independence were not affected.
The former king had clearly stated that the political parties were unable to deliver what they had promised during the political movement of 2006. He also showed his unhappiness over the federalism and secularism, which have been responsible for creating divisions among the people.
He also accused the political parties of violating the understandings reached between him and the political parties before the reinstatement of the House of Representatives. The political movement of 2006 had ended after the former king agreed to restore to House.
Though the former king did not elaborate the understandings in his statement, he was referring to the agreement between the seven-party alliance and him to retain constitutional monarchy.
Everyone knows well that late Girija Prasad Koirala went against the agreements as well as the policy of his party and agreed to abolish monarchy in the hope of becoming the first president of Nepal. But his plan was later thwarted by Pushpa Kamal Dahal as well as India during the presidential election.
“We had expected that reinstatement of the Parliament in 2006 as per the agreement reached with the leaders of the political considering the public aspirations would open the door for peace, stability and prosperity by ending all the political crises in the nation. When several decisions were made going against the agreement even after the reinstatement of the House, we silently supported them keeping in mind the future of the nation and the wellbeing of the Nepalese people,” the former King said.
He also said over the last 11 years, the balance of power between the three organs of the government—executive, judiciary and legislature was disturbed and the political behaviours which were against the established democratic norms and values surfaced.
He also accused the political parties of failing to act as per the public aspirations towards the path of peace, political stability and prosperity.
He also expressed his dislike over the growing division among the Nepalese people on the basis of geography. He said a situation of mistrust, disunity and suspicion among the Nepalese people has been created.
He also warned that visible and invisible activities being carried against Sanatan Dharma and religious beliefs of the people have badly affected the Nepali society, and there is a risk these activities might put democracy and sovereignty of the nation at stake.
He also expressed his concern over the migration of youths and delay in providing reliefs to the earthquake and flood victims.
Above all the king has said that the people have little trust on the political leadership, and this is likely affect the national unity and capable nationality in the long run.
Obviously, the former King has mentioned all the political and other anomalies the people experienced after the political change of 2006.
The message of the former king has rightly included all the concerns of the people. The political parties which deceived the king in the past are now busy cheating the people. They have failed to free the country from the chaos and the people from their plights.

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