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Dahal for national government

By Our Reporter
The other day Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal said that he is making efforts to form a national government in the process of implementation of the constitution.
Dahal had expressed the commitment to NC president SherBahadurDeuba that following the gentleman agreement held before formation of the present government between NC and MC,Dahal would quit the PM’s post immediately after the 14 May elections. When the Madheshi Front warned to launch nationwide agitation to disturb the 14 May elections, Dahal has started to talk about formation of the national government. Observers say that this is a strategy of Dahal to stick on power by trying to fool Deuba.
Dahal’s China card:
PM Dahal went to China,at the visit without agenda. Dahal didn’t sign any of the agreements and he was in China when his counterpart was in a foreign trip. However, he was able to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping and other senior leaders. During such meetings, he made verbal commitment to join the OBOR project initiated by China. He said that he would sign the agreement on OBOR before the OBOR Summit to be held in Beijing in May. In fact, Dahal is trying to give a message to Delhi that if Delhi will not support him to prolong his tenure, he may sign on the OBOR project with China and also, it could be a gesture to develop a new alliance with UML by sidelining NC and the Madheshi Front, which will not be acceptable for Delhi and thus Dahal believes that Delhi will continue the government led by him.
In this way, Dahal is trying to fool us all. Perhaps, Dahal doesn’t know that he can only fool the people once, but he can’t fool allthe people all the time.

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