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Book on Nepal releases in Beijing

By Ajaya Aloukik in Beijing
A book about Nepal entitled “Word on the Scenery-Nepal” was released amidst a function in Beijing on Saturday, 16 April. The book is a pictorial diary of writer Luo Yi Ding, who visited Nepal in 2012.
Writer and artist Luo said that the book is a travelogue about Nepal as he perceived and experienced. He informed that the book is very useful to those Chinese who want to visit and knowabout Nepal. He praised Nepali people saying that they are always very optimistic and happy. He was always inspired by smiling face of the Nepalese people, he said. He further wished that the small effort by him may help to flourish the relations between two good neighboring countries as well as contribute increasing number of the Chinese tourists visiting Nepal.
Host of the programGao Sung and guest journalist Chen Siaohad reviewed the newly released book. Both of them had already visited Nepal. They recalled their wonderful stay in Nepal.Another guest, Li Bin, officer from the Foreign Ministry remarked that he was interested to visit Nepal after reading the book.
The Book ‘Word on the Scenery-Nepal’ is in Chinese language and was jointly released by writer and guests together. The 297 pages book has been published by Sanlian Book Store.
Writer Luo, in his book,has described about Kathmandu Valley and the culture of the Valley, Pokhara, Chitwan and their amazing natural scenery including religion, social structure and geography of Nepal. Luo’ssplendid arts and sketch elaborate the book and illustrates the story.
Writer Luo visited Nepal in 2012 and he stayed there for 15 days. In a short conversation, he apprised the Nepali people saying that they know how to live a life. They live happily in the present and not worried about future, he described about the Nepali people.
He said, “In their opinion, if you live happily today then definitely tomorrow brings more happiness. Their smiling faces really inspired me a lot.”
He expressed sympathy on the devastating earthquake in Nepal and said he is very confident that Nepali people can overcome the situation with a smile. He also confessed that one book is not enough to describe Nepal and he wants to visit Nepal again and again.
Writer Luo was born in Yunan Province. Earlier, he had published a travelogue about his Europe tour.

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