Friday , September 21 2018
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As if the government has no business!

By Our Reporter
The government has already declared above 100 days as national holidays in different occasions, including the holiday on the Christmas Day. In addition, the government had announced national holiday on the day of arrival of the Indian President. Also, the government has announced national holiday in advance during the day of arrival of the Chinese President. Furthermore, the government announced national holiday upon departure and arrival of our President to and from Delhi as if the government has no business to do.
Although, the “new” Nepal has failed to establish the world records in other achievements, on national holidays, we might have broken the world records.
The government, which denied to recognize and pay tribute to the founder of the modern Nepal, King Prithivi Narayan Shah the Great, has denied national holiday on the birth anniversary of the Great king. The very government is found quick in announcing such holidays in other occasions. May be, the political leaders in power feel that people are happy from such decisions! What is the public reaction, they could know better if they visit social networks! Meanwhile after strong criticism from the public the government has cancelled public holiday announced on Friday, upon the arrival of the president.

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