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Election Commission irritates RPP, Jamal turns into a battle field

By Our Reporter
RPPMany had probably never imagined in May 2006 that the Rastriya Prajatantra Party, portrayed as a pro-king party, would never dare to challenge the Home administration in a period of 11 years.
But the party, especially after the unification of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party and RPP-N, the pro-monarchy and pro-Hindu party has gained unimaginable level of popular support even in the capital.
It was evident from its rally orgainsed on Monday at Jamal against the Election Commission’s act of deleting ‘monarchy’ and ‘Hindu Kigndom’ from the party’s constitution.
When the irritated leaders and cadres of the party were heading towards the Election Commission office at Bahadur Bhawan to picket the EC and submit a protest letter  for deleting the two words from its constitution,  a clash occurred between the police and the RPP cadres turning the entire Jamal area into a battle filed for a while.
A large number of cadres, including senior leader Pashupati Shumser Rana and singer Komal Oli, sustained injuries in a baton charge during the clash.
Later, the party in the leadership of party chair and Deputy Prime Minister Kamal Thapa staged a sit-in in front of the EC building. The party also submitted the protest letter.
However, Thapa was not at Jamal when the clash erupted.
The EC had removed the agenda of the Hindu Kingdom from the constitution of the party stating that including the words contradicted the constitution of Nepal.
However, constitution experts and others claimed it was not necessary for the EC to remove the words.
Many pro-Hindu and pro king leaders as well as independent analysts have suspected whether the EC took the controversial decision against the RPP at the instruction of the westerners who want to increase the population of Christians in Nepal. Increasing anti-Christians sentiment in the RPP’s leadership has been a big hurdle for the western organisastions which are pouring money in Nepal to convert Hindus and Buddhists of Nepal into Christians.  The westerners and the then Indian establishment had their hand behind the abolition of monarchy in 2008 for two different goals—westerners wanted to weaken the cultural unity maintained under monarchy to spread Christianity whereas India wanted to weaken national unity.
Otherwise, the EC that allowed the RPP-N to contest the Constituent Assembly on the basis of the same party constitution should not dare to use its scissors on the two words—monarchy and Hindu Kingdom, the two main agenda of the RPP.
The act of unnecessary censoring of the RPP’s statute by the EC is also likely to spoil the environment of elections.

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