Tuesday , September 25 2018
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Politics for power

By Our Reporter
The leaders of major political parties, although, are lauding for 14 May local level election, are busy in power politics. Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal wants to prolong his tenure whereas NC President Sher Bahadur Deuba is preparing for becoming the next prime minister before the Budget presentation.
As per the constitution, the government should present the Budget for new fiscal year by 29 May. Deuba wants to present the new budget by a government led by him. According to the gentleman agreement endorsed between NC and Maoist Center (MC) before formation of the present coalition government, Dahal should lead the government for nine months and he should hold the local level election and then Dahal should handover the power to the NC. Deuba believes that Dahal will respect the gentleman agreement and handover the power to him. However, Dahal, of late, is planning to prolong his tenure when he knew the weakness of Delhi.
Delhi’s analysis:
According to Delhi’s analysis, Dahal is a most unpredictable person. He can do anything if he sees personal benefit on that. Dahal had expressed the commitment to amend the constitution by addressing the concerns of the Madheshi Front. Dahal was unable to amend the constitution and the Madheshi Front has already started street agitation. Even after killing of the Front activists on Monday in Rajbiraj by the security force under the government led by Dahal, it has not withdrawn its support to the government led by Dahal. On Monday evening, the Front had announced that it had withdrawn its support to the government, however, when the Front leaders received message from Delhi for not taking back its support to the government, on Tuesday, the Front gave an ultimatum of one week to the government – to amend the constitution and suspend the 14 May local election — otherwise, the Front would withdraw its support to the government. The Front leaders are afraid from Dahal that if the Front will withdraw its support to the government, again, Dahal may join hands with KP Sharma Oli, strong critic of Delhi. This is the reason that even after Dahal failed to address the concern of the Front, it is continuing its support to the government.
Oli-Dahal meeting:
According to an UML source, for the first time, Oli and Dahal held meeting at the residence of Narayankaji Shrestha. The second meeting was held at Oli’s residence in Balkot. In both the meetings, both the leaders discussed about developing a Left alliance and also contesting elections by developing a common front. They also discussed on formation of a left government again. Both the leaders also discussed on leading the government turn by turn. At the meeting, Dahal had expressed dissatisfaction that he was receiving unnecessary pressures from NC president Deuba. Some of the decision imposed by Deuba had brought into controversy to the government also, Dahal had briefed to Oli. He had also said that in future, he will not implement such controversial decisions made by Deuba and NC.
Delhi becomes alert:
Delhi’s one-point agenda is not to allow KP Oli to raise his head again in politics. If possible, Delhi plans to bring down the UML from the elections. If the Front will withdraw its support to Dahal, Dahal may join hands with Oli and again the Nepali politics will go out of the Delhi’s hands, Delhi has analysed. When Dahal came to know about Delhi’s worry, Dahal intentionally disclosed the secret meetings and UML’s proposal to the media. Dahal has given the message to Delhi that he may join hands with Oli if Deuba will put pressure on him to quit the power.

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