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Nepathya to go live in Hong Kong

image0016One of the popular musical bands of Nepal, Nepathya, will be performing in Honkong.
The band will be performing on March 12 at Yuen Long Theater. The show is being organized by Hong Kong based Tamu Association. The band is scheduled to leave Kathmandu on March 9 said a press release.
While making public the concert date, Nepathya said Hong Kong has a special place in its memory.
“Many of Nepathya’s contemporary friends including its founder member Bhim Poon lives in Hong Kong. Among others, musician Vikram Gurung has also been living in Hong Kong for decades. He along with Bhim will be in audience during the show which will also perform Vikram Gurung’s composition ‘Kuroop Anuhaar,” a statement issued by Nepalaya, Nepathya’s event manager said.
The band will perform a solo concert which will last for approximately two hours and will include their hits along with recent releases.
Honkong is the only place that has hosted Nepathya more than any other places outside Nepal. Hong Kong show has always been a bit more than just a show and the event also becomes a reunion of friends and well-wishers, says band front member, Amrit Gurung.

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