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Local elections doubtful on May 14

By Our Reporter
Although the government and the Election Commission are making preparations to hold the local polls on May 14, people still suspect whether the polls will be possible on May 14.  When the Madhes-based parties, the Maoist led by Netra Bikram Chand and Naya Shakti of Dr Baburam Bhattarai are against the elections, the Saptari incident of Monday has further spoiled the election environment.
The Madhes-based parties which were seeking an excuse to disturb the local elections now have the Saptrai killing a good excuse to disturb the local elections. The Madhes-based parties which could not tolerate the Mechi-Kali campaign of the CPN-UML are sure to apply every measure to foil the local elections. Indeed, it is India which is truly against the local elections in Nepal and the Madhesi Front will act as a pawn of the Indian design as during the 2015 blockade to foil the polls. Until the government tightens security in Madhes, local polls will be impossible.
Interestingly, the forces which are portrayed as closer to Indian establishment have been against the local polls before the amendment to the constitution.  But when amendment to the constitution is impossible and the government has to hold the federal, provincial and local elections by January 2018, the government had no option but to hold the elections at any cost. Failure to holding the local elections will be the failure of the constitution promulgated in 2015.
Nepali Congress General Secretary hinted at this unwanted situation stating that the constitution might become useless soon.
India has been against the constitution. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi lobbied against the constitution in the international forum by violating the practices in the past. The Madhes-based parties will continue to oppose the constitution until India recognizes it.
Hence, foiling elections will be the beginning point to fail the constitution. Therefore, the Madhesi parties have a single goal to make the elections impossible. The Saptrai incident of Monday is likely to make elections impossible until the mainstream parties come together to make the elections successful.
It will be clearer within a week whether the elections will be possible or not. And if the enmity between the Madhes-based parties and the two big communist parties continue (after the Saptari case, differences between Maoist and Madhesis have widened), holding elections in Terai will be a difficult job.

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