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All eyes towards Delhi

By Pushpa Raj Pradhan
9257303Whether the local election will be held on 14 May or it will be postponed, even the supreme leaders of the political parties are not sure. For the last 19 years, the nation has not been able to conduct the local body election. After a long exercise, the government has announced the local level election date, yet, the political parties are not confident on the election. Even the ruling parties are not sure about the election on 14 May.
All eyes towards Delhi:
The leaders of the present coalition government say that if Delhi wishes, there can be an election.  As we know, the present coalition government was formed at the initiative of Delhi, the partners in the government cannot go against the interests of Delhi. Furthermore, the leaders have no capacity or courage to convince their bosses in Delhi on their decision to hold the local level election. Delhi believes that under the pressure of the European Union and some Scandinavian countries, the government has announced the 14 May election without amending the constitution. Delhi’s concern is an amendment of the constitution by addressing the demands put forward by the Madheshi Front. The present government led by Pushpakamal Dahal was constituted with the agenda of amendment of the constitution and then holding the local level election. The government has already failed in amending the constitution by addressing the concerns expressed by Delhi. To recall, until now, Delhi has not recognized the present constitution promulgated by the 2nd CA. However, when the government decided to table the constitution amendment bill, Delhi welcomed the decision. From this also, we can understand Delhi’s interests.
According to sources, Delhi is taking stance on re-demarcation of the boundaries of the provinces by excluding all hill districts from the Tarai provinces and introducing two Tarai provinces by including all the Tarai districts from Mechi in the east to Mahakali in the West. Therefore, Delhi is neither interested in holding the local level election nor the provincial election before amendment of the constitution. So far, to save the constitution, Delhi wants to hold the election of the parliament before 21 January, 2018. As the present parliament will be dissolved by 21 January, 2018, to keep alive the constitution, Delhi has chosen the option of holding election of the parliament, say those intellectuals who are close to Delhi.
To conclude, if the above predictions are true, then there will be no election of the local level and finally the political parties will go for the parliament election in October or November only.

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