Saturday , September 22 2018

By Our Reporter
FSUElections of the Free Students Union under Tribhuvan University flopped this year as the elections could not be held in the big campuses within and outside the capital city.
Of the 60 TU constituents campuses, the elections of FSU were held only in 22 campuses due to padlocking of campuses by the students affiliated to the Netra Bikram Chand led Maoist party and clashes among the students. Likewise, only in 150 of 1085 TU affiliated campuses elections were held.
The only three big campuses where the elections were held were Sanothimi Education Campus, Bhaktapur, Mechi Campus Bhadrapur and Puclchowk Engineering Campus Lalitpur.
Efforts made to hold the election in the Ratna Rajya Campus failed this week due to tense environment in the campus.
Elections were impossible in cetral campus Kiriptpur and other campuses of the Kathmandu Valley due to clashes and padlocking of the campuses.
The failure of holding the FSU elections which were held in an interval of four years clearly suggested that FSU elections have become irrelevant in the new political context.
Indeed, our campuses have been producing only politicians not the manpower required for the development of the nation.
FSU election has been the major platform to groom the politicians from the time of Panchayat period.  Moreover, the student who succeeded to become president of FSU in the central campus is sure to become MPs and ministers in their life.
From Sher Bahadur Deuba of NC to Bal Krishna Khand, from Tul Bahadur Gurung to Jagannath Khatiwada of the UML had once served as FSU president in TU.
Bir Bahadur Balyar, Govinda Bahadur Shah, Gagan Thapa, Yogesh Bhattaria, NP Saud and many more came to national politics from student politics. This is why many students even at the age of 40 tend to enroll on TU campuses with a hope of making space in the national politics by becoming FSU president there.
However, of late the FSU elections seem irrelevant. They have become waste of money and energy. Classes get disturbed for at least a fortnight due to FSU elections.  They only invite political interference in the campuses.  Moreover, the academic institutes turn into battle fields during the FSU elections.
Therefore, the authorities need to impose a ban on the practice of holding FSU elections in the present format. Instead, the students can be allowed to constitute students’ council to look into the affairs students in universities and campuses. Such council should not be affiliated to any political party.
Indeed, the campuses should stop producing only politicians. They should start producing technical manpower by saying a big NO to FSU elections and political meddling in the academic institutes.

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