Tuesday , September 18 2018
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National sovereignty and identity under threat

By Our Reporter
The activities of the government and the political parties have put national sovereignty and the identity at risk. The ruling parties seem to be working at the instructions of the foreign forces while many international organisations are pouring money to convert the Hindus and Budhhists into Christians.  Chiefs of the international organsiations give undue pressure on the ministers and even prime minister to fulfill their petty interest.
The leaders of our political parties also undermine their status and participate in the programmes organised by any organisation or chaired by a joint-secretary level foreign envoy.
This week the leaders of the Madhes-based parties threw a farewell party to Indian ambassador Ranajit Rae. Moreover, the presence of former prime minister and NC president Sher Bahadur Deuba, Deputy PM and Home Minister Bimalendra Nidhi and former deputy prime minister and home minister Krishna Sitaula in the farewell dinner only showed how our leaders forgot their portfolios while meeting an Indian ambassador.
Will any Indian sitting minister, former prime minister and president of ruling parties attend a party orgainsed to bid farewell to a Nepali ambassador to India in New Delhi? Will Amit Shah of BJP or Sonia Gandhi of  Congress (I) and Raj Nath Singh attend a farewell party organised in honour of Deep Kumar Upadhyay? They will never attend such party. Moreover, no political party of India will orgainse any event to see off an ambassador of any country. But our parties hosted a party to see of Rae, probably to honour his support during the Indian blockade of 2015.
Similarly, the effort being made by the ruling parties to amend the constitution to please the foreign forces and their Nepali pawns also show that the Nepalese leaders are not capable to safeguard sovereignty and national integrity.  When the people of the concerned province do not want any change in the demarcation of the border of their province, the ruling parties want to change its border to meet the need of the leaders of another province and beyond the national border.  When the foreign minister hide the papers relating to one belt one road  initiatives which Nepal has agreed to sign fearing India, one can easily realise that the leaders in the scene are unable to protect national sovereignty.
Indeed, the activities, attitudes and mindsets of our leaders, who want to reach power at any costs, have put the national sovereignty and identity at risk.

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