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Internal rift widens in NC

By Our Reporter
Sher-Bahadur-Deuba-and-Ram-Chandra-Poudel-700Internal rift within the ruling Nepali Congress has widened further following the recommendation of controversial individuals for the post of ambassadors in the party’s quota.
Although the faction led by senior leader Ram Chandra Poudel has been unhappy with party president Sher Bahadur Deuba after  the latter’s dubious role to pull down the K. P. Oli-led government and form a government under Maoist’s Pushpa Kamal Dahal, the faction has not revealed their discontent formally.  But this time the Poudel camp not only publicly criticised the working style of Deuba but also asked him in writing to summon the central committee meeting of the party to discuss the issues relating to the appointment of ambassadors, the constitution amendment bill and others.
The leaders of the Poudel faction gathered recently at the residence of party general secretary Dr Sashank Koirala even accused president Deuba of receiving money to appoint the individuals who are not associated with the party in the quota of the party.
They claimed that Deuba recommended  Asha Kumari Lama and Bhim  Udas for the appointment of ambassadors  on behalf of NC by receiving money from them. They alleged Deuba mobilised his brother-in-law Bhushan Rana and even wife Aarju Rana to collect money and commission.
The Poudel-camp is also unhappy with Deuba over the appointment of the high court judges and the controversies relating to the appointment of IGP. Above all many leaders close to Poudel are against the constitution amendment bill.
When the Poudel camp is becoming more aggressive against Deuba and they are even making plan to remove him from the post of the parliamentary party, Deuba’s chance of becoming new prime minister has become slim. If new election is held to select the parliamentary party leader in NC, Deuba may not be elected as Khum Bahadur Khadka has deserted his camp and many leaders who were close to him in the past are not happy with Deuba.
Indeed, Deuba who had earned a bad name for introducing deviations in the parliamentary democracy in the past has been proved incompetent president of the largest party.  He was officially announced ‘incompetent’ prime minister by former king Gyanendra in 2005.
Even a year after the holding of the general convention of the party, Deuba has been unable to appoint office bearers in the party’s central committee.
The party leaders are also unhappy with Deuba for his meeting with the representative of Dalai Lama last year.
Many also suspect whether the growing rift in the NC due to the power-centric activities of Deuba will also foil the efforts to hold the local election on May 14.

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