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‘Ek Boli Ek Daam’ showing at Mandala Theatre

image004A Nepali play titled ‘Ek Boli Ek Daam,’ based on a Nepali fairy-tale written by Shijan Dahal and directed by Praween Khatiwada is being shown by NG Group in association with Mandala Theater Nepal.
The play starts with a lively melodic song, performed by Aadha Sur and Dipak Shrestha. We are introduced to an old man who has lost his long way to his destination where he encounters a mysterious man. The play is set during a medieval period where we witness the obstacles of a needy man who seems to have a crisis in need of a friend to talk to.
It’s nice to see that the little cast played by four people: Sudam Ck, Jeevan Bhattarai, Shakti Rai and Sangeet Sapkota transformed into completely different roles in various scenes. The audience is kept amused with how protagonist shares comical dialogues with lively characters he comes across, and how he handles his problems with what the stranger had told him.
One thing the audience will notice is that the characters’ emotions were well expressed through traditional original Nepali folk songs, along with how accurate the projections of vibrant lights mirrored with their emotions. These technical effects amplified the drama.
This is a heart-warming play of how listening to words of wisdom can have a change of outlook towards one’s life and bring a change in their lives.
The play will be performed at Mandala Theatre till March 5 except on Mondays.

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