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Kamal Thapa emerges as powerful leader in RPP

By Our Reporter
As assumed, Kamal Thapa has been elected to the post of party chairman with a huge majority. Thapa bagged 2804 votes out of total 3136 votes. His rival PradeepBikramRana bagged only 251 votes.
In the beginning, PashupatiShumsherRana and PrakashchandraLohani were also in the race. However, by viewing the situation of humiliating defeat, Rana decided not to take part in the party election. Meanwhile, before the party election, a meeting of four senior leaders — Rana, Lohani, LokendraBahadur Chand and Kamal Thapa was held at the residence of Chand. The meeting had decided to declare Thapa as unopposed party chairman, however, by disobeying the agreement, the next day Lohani had announced his candidature. In the last hours, after an agreement to offer Lohani a respectable post in the party, Lohani had withdrawn his candidature.
RPP an attraction:
After bad performance of the major political parties, RPP has emerged as a party of mass attraction. Furthermore, the RPP cadres had put strong pressure to the party leaderships to adopt the agenda of Hindu kingdom. This also indicates the changing mood of the Nepali mass. The mandate given by the voters to party chairman Kamal Thapa is to restore Hindu kingdom and if he and his newly elected team will not betray the aspiration of the general public, RPP has the chance to emerge as one among the major force as existing major political parties are heading towards a declining trend. The Nepali mass is for a visionary patriotic political party which can restore peace and make Nepal prosperous. For this, the party leaderships should not demonstrate personal greediness for power and it should stand strongly for the patriotic cause.

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