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Inside the dark tunnel

By PR Pradhan
pushpa-columnNepal is passing through a very crucial period. Some observers even compare the present situation saying it is much worse than the time of the signing the Sugauli Treaty with the British East India Company. We have opened our grounds to the foreigners; we have given birth to the Madheshi problem; we have given birth to people like CK Raut and our leaders, instead of understanding the ill-intention of foreign forces, our leaders have surrendered to the foreign powers just to prolong their tenure in the government. A constitution should be for the consolidating the nation in all fronts; a constitution should be in the interests of the majority of the people, yet, we have adopted a constitution written by the foreign powers which is aimed at ending our culture, religion, language, unity and, after all, the Nepali identity. The political actors, in the name of sovereign people, are brokering with the foreign powers just to serve their petty interests. Neither they are serious nor are they worried with the present plight of the nation. Rather, they are claiming that the people’s struggle was a big achievement and they want to institutionalize these achievements. What achievement are they talking about, the Nepali people know better. Even though, they feel proud while talking about the achievements.
For last two decades, we have been continuously predicting that the idea of constituent assembly cannot be the proper way to write a constitution, which has become true. Even after the promulgation of the constitution, we have been frequently saying that a constitution without ownership of majority of the people cannot be implemented, this has also become true. Nepal, a peaceful country, having enough natural resources, has become a solely foreign dependent and more than that, an India dependent nation. The India sponsored “people’s war” hit the nation very badly. Our infrastructures were destroyed in the name of finishing identities of the old regime. Above 17 thousand innocent people were killed in the ten-year-long “people’s war”. Today, the very criminals are in the power and they are promoting criminals in all areas. If observed their acts, it becomes clear that they are not for a strong Nepal but they want to create one after another problem to finish Nepal.
The country is heading towards a bloody war not against the foreign enemies but among the Nepalis in the name of ethnic and communal rights and identities. In neighbouring India, one province Bihar is much larger than the total size of Nepal. And in such a tiny country Nepal, the political actors have introduced seven provinces not on the basis of resources but on the basis of communal interests. According to an analysis, to implement the present structure of provinces, the initial estimated expenditure is two hundred billion rupees. From where is the government going to manage such a huge fund? Besides, from where are the provincial governments are going to meet regular budgets to meet the expenses? Is the idea of seven or more than these provinces suitable for Nepal? Perhaps, BaburamBhattarai knows it better. Bhattarai or PushpakamalDahalPrachanda plans to destroy Nepal from all sides, therefore, they have decided to impose so many provinces in Nepal like country.
The institution of monarchy was removed not because of the Nepali people didn’t want this institution but the foreign powers didn’t want it and Bhattarai and Dahal have served the foreign interests. Hindu religion was removed not because people were against it but to please the Christianity campaigners, Bhattarai and Dahal played the role for making Nepal a secular state. Of course, those actors from the Nepali Congress and UML are equally responsible to bring the present political chaos. They entered into a dark tunnel – although, we had alarmed them on time that there was no outlet at the end of the tunnel, they didn’t listen to us. Now, they have reached at the end of the dark tunnel and they are unable to find any outlet there. For last two decades, those who are advocating for “loktantra’, have not been able to conduct local elections. They are talking about local elections but they are developing grounds for not holding local elections. Furthermore, they are planning to extend the tenure of the present parliament for yet another year – through a consensus among the major three party – by avoiding elections as described by the new constitution. There cannot be the local election, neither the elections of the provinces nor the federal elections before the 21 January, 2018 deadline. However, either Dahal or Deuba or smebody else, are trying to fish in the muddy water. They are less bothered about the country’s worsening situation; they are unaware about the threats on sovereignty and independence of the nation. CK Raut is eager to split Nepal; the Tarai based parties are threatening to split the Tarai districts from Nepal. The idea of separating the hill districts from the Tarai province makes clear that the process of separation of Nepal has already been started. Girija Prasad Koirala, Madhab Nepal, Krishna Shitaula, PushpakamalDahal, BaburamBhattarai, and many others have already planted the seeds of separation of the country and now, the plant is growing.
Now, should we be the witnesses to all these wrong deeds or should we need to take timely measures to rescue the nation? If we want to remain as the witnesses of wrong deeds of the traitors, let’s take a long sleep, otherwise, it is the time to wake up all of us, the patriotic forces, to save the nation. Let’s be united to scrap the present constitution. Let us bring back the nation from the dark tunnel and there is no light and no outlet at the end of the tunnel!

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