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Former king Gyanendra expresses worries in his Democracy Day message

By Our Reporter
Former king Gyanendra Shah, as usual, issued a congratulatory note to the Nepalis on the occasion of the 67th Democracy Day citing his grandfather the late Tribhuvan’s contribution to ushering in a democratic era.
“On this auspicious day I want to recall our grandfather, the late Tribhuvan and all those who sacrificed their lives for democracy,” the former king said in his message.
He hailed democracy as the best political system, in which human rights and welfare are guaranteed.
“In a democracy, political system may have different forms, and no matter what is the political system, the first condition of democracy, I think, is that the leadership should be accountable to the people,” the former king said.
“Ruling system can be changeable; therefore we need to adopt the political base that reflects our faith and trust. We have our own philosophies, prides, civilization, cultures and strength. Their promotion, conservation, protection and making them more descent will be to promote the nation’s image,” he said.
“If in a democracy farmers feel happy in their farms, the labourers at their working place, the pedestrians in the streets, the service seekers in the administrative offices, the victims in the court, consumers in the markets, business entrepreneurs in the areas of their fields,  health workers, teachers, lawyers, journalists in their career, security personnel in their duties, students in their schools, youths in the nation building tasks and women in their each step, a situation has arisen to ask ourselves whether existing democracy has provided us with these facilities,” the king said in his message.
Clearly, the former king expressed his unhappiness over the latest political environment where the people have failed to enjoy the fruit of democracy in true sense.

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