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Surgical strikes: Convincing the unconvinced

By Dr M. Khan
While reiterating, what has not happened, Indian Army Chief, General Bipin Rawat is trying to convince the skeptical, unconvinced and inquisitive media people, the intellectuals and even retired army officers that, surgical strikes did happen on September 28, 2016 in AJK areas. Not only that these surgical strikes really took place, the Indian Army Chief is in his frequent media interactions, trying to convince the audience that, if needed, there will be more surgical strikes across the Line of Control (LoC). As per General Rawat, “Indian Army will not shy away from a second surgical strike if peace in the region is disrupted.” Had there been something on ground, Indian Army could have launched many more attacks by now.
Indian media, its intelligencia and even political clout have lot of apprehensions whether there were surgical strikes on September 28, 2016? These doubts and apprehension further cemented once Pakistani ISPR took the Pakistani and international media persons to those sites, which Indian Army claimed were targeted. There were no signs of any surgical strikes and biggest question was what about those, targeted by Indian commandos, there were no dead bodies or remains of any one? After all Pakistani media is very blunt, vocal and free to show any such happening.
General Bipin Rawat is indeed, trying to convince the people of all walks of life in India that, Indian Army has the needed capacity and needed bravery too to undertake any misadventure against Pakistan. He, indeed, is trying to cash on his own idea of these surgical strikes, the way Indian Army did against Myanmar (Burma). But, it is his bad luck that, Indian people have not been able to convince to this strategy against Pakistan. Therefore, in order to prove the falsehood, General Rawat is frequently interacting with media and issuing statements. Had there been such surgical strikes across the LoC, people would have known through their physical effects.
Indeed, the Uri attack was a drama, stage managed by Indian Army as per the script prepared by BJP led Government to defame Pakistan and Kashmir freedom fighters, who are fighting for their right of self-determination. It was stage managed, just few days before Pakistan has decided to refer the case of human rights violation in IOK to UN Human Rights Commission. Taking a lead from the Uri Attack, Indian Army stage managed another drama of attacking areas in AJK to target the so called Kashmiri militants, which could not convince other than, Prime Minister Modi, Indian Army. Now Indian Army and its newly appointed Chief is trying to prevail on the masses to convince the unconvinced?
While there is a total aggressive posture of Indian Army towards Pakistan, it has a mix response towards China. Indian Army Chief, like his predecessors did talk about two-front war. He did talk about raising the Mountain Strike Corps against China. Since India cannot think of competing China on military front, therefore, General Rawat is looking for a cooperative mechanism with Beijing. This is the true following of the Kautilya, also called Chanakya. This Indian philosopher of BC, advised then Indian emperor to be hard and harsh against a weak neighbour and be friendly against a strong neighbour. Nevertheless, India should not take Pakistan so lightly, it is a huge military power backed by a very strong and resilient nation.
According to inner circle of the Indian Army and its paramilitary forces, there is an element of anxiety among the lower ranks of Indian Army about the treatment of their officers. This is a biggest dilemma, facing the Indian Army and likely to create a rift among the officer cadre and its ranks. With low morale army men, no nation can really fight against its foes. If new Indian Army chief wants to bring peace in the region, he should advice his political leadership to decide the Kashmir issues as per the wishes of the people of Kashmir. After all the unresolved nature of Kashmir dispute would constantly cause instability in the region.
Indian strategy of supporting terrorism inside Pakistan through TTP and many other splinter groups is yet another cause of instability between India and Pakistan. If India is determined to support and promote terrorism against Pakistan as a well thought out policy, should it expect a good will from Pakistan? Rather accusing Pakistan, India need to reconcile its policy of terror financing against Pakistan.
There has been a failure of Indian Cold Start Doctrine, indeed this is a distressed concept now, General Bipin trying to revive. Both the Two-front war and the Cold Start are failed concepts, which have the general decided to revive and re-orientate to be fool the Indian public and to justify the massive increase in the Indian defence budget. General Rawat is considered to be very closely associated with RSS and BJP, thus will try to please this irrational lot, by launching some misadventures against Pakistan.
The armed forces of Pakistan, its people and intelligence network are fully alert and capable of responding any such misadventure. However, Pakistan is considering peace in the region through peaceful resolution of all issues between India and Pakistan. Through a series of misleading actions and pretensions General Bipin may justify his out of turn appointment as Army Chief of 1.3 million-Indian-Army but, people do question about his true professionalism compared to those, he crossed over. Indian Army needs a mature military head, once it has an imbalance and imprudent Prime Minister like Narindra Modi. A combination of crazy and reckless would be more threat for India, apart from the region and Pakistan.

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