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Photo.circle’s workshops

image007Photo.circle, a platform for photography in Nepal and the organisation behind the popular Photo Kathmandu festival, has announced two workshops: Photo Book 101 and Workshop with Sohrab Hura. Photo Book 101, which will be mentored by Alex Bocchetto and Valenitna Abenavoli, is slated to start on Feb 27.
“The aim of this Photo Book 101 workshop is to build a dummy, covering all the steps of the process through knowledge, creativity and chance. Editing, sequencing, design, binding and printing techniques as well as marketing and funding tips will be disclosed through a hands-on approach and case studies,” the organisers said issuing a press release on Thursday. The workshop will run through March 4.
Meanwhile, another workshop—Workshop with Sohrab Hura—which is slated to start on March 6, will focus on providing insights into the forms and directions for photographers. During the course of the workshop, mentor Hura will work closely with the participants, leading them through various processes that go into creating a final product. The deadline for submission is Feb 15.

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