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Maoist factions observe separate 22nd anniversary of ‘people’s war’

By Our Reporter
janayudha-13022017082638-1000x0The three factions of the Maoists on Sunday marked the 22nd anniversary of their so-called people’s war in which above 17000 Nepalese were killed and development infrastructure worth billions of rupees was damaged.
However, in 10 years after the end of the’ killing spree’ factions of the Maoists themselves have turned the enemies of another. It was evident from the speeches delivered by the bosses of the three separate Maoists parties which had remained united until 2012.  Again two of three parties marked the anniversary at the party office, which indicated that they have not attached much importance to the event.
While   Prime Minister and chairman of ruling Maoist Centre Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who was the supreme commander of the Maoist force during  it waged an insurgency, accused the CPN-Maoist led by Netra Bikram Chand  of becoming a tool of the feudalists and imperialists.
Speaking at the anniversary function orgnised at the party headquarters, Parish Danda, Prime Minister Dahal said extremists always played on the sentiments of the people while they were readily used against the revolutionary communist movement by “feudalists and imperialists”
Likewise, Chand claimed that Dahal was responsible for all the incidents of the decade-long war against the state security forces, He said the government had been arresting his party cadres.
The eighth general convention of the CPN-Maoist led by Chand was also inaugurated coinciding the anniversary.  The party took out a rally in the city.
The Mohan Baidya-led CPN Revolutionary Maoist celebrated the anniversary at its office in Kupandole.
However, leaders of three Maoist parties seemed to have realized they were weakened due to fragmentation, and  highlighted the need for unity among like-minded forces to recover power and safeguard the achievements of the armed conflict.
Nevertheless,   Baidya claimed that “deviation towards rightist revisionism in the core leadership led the Maoist movement to a serious obstacle”.
When the bosses of three Maoist parties observed the anniversary, Dr Baburam Bhattarai, who was deputies of Dahal throughout the bloody war did not mark the anniversary as he had separated himself from the Maoist movement and formed Naya Shakti Party. Instead of marking the anniversary of the people’s war Dr Bhattarai sought apology on social media for the pains and damages inflicted due to the conflict saying that he would take “my share of responsibility”.
However, one thing is sure that the Maoists weakened the sovereignty of the nation and disturbed the social harmony by sowing the seed of enmity among the ethnic communities of Nepal. They also weakened nationality and Nepalese cultures as they had received fund from the western organisations to weaken the fabric of Nepali society during and after the insurgency period. The present political mess and instability are the gifts of the Maoists and their so-called people’s war.

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