Wednesday , June 20 2018
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Election politics

By Our Reporter
Our political leaders never feel tired while talking about the elections but they are always worried from it , but for about two decades we have not seen election of the local bodies by those in the government who have always talked about empowering local bodies. Due to absence of elected representatives in the local bodies, the development works have been affected very badly.
Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal has been saying one thing at one place and another thing at another place. Which one should we believe, it has become aconfusion among the people.
Some are claiming that there will be no election without amendment of the constitution, in the meantime, some others are saying that elections should be held to rescue the constitution, otherwise,there will be a big political crisis after 21 January, 2018. And PM Dahal sometimes is saying that he is about to announce the election date soon, sometimes, he is found saying that some extreme rightist elements are trying to finish the present “achievements”.
Why the Parliament was adjourned for such a long time; why Dahal is unable to table the constitution amendment bill; why the process of endorsing remaining laws related withelection has been postponed and why he is not announcing the election date, nobody knows.
In fact, PM Dahal has not given instruction to the local units to start election campaign. This makes clear that Dahal is in a mood to postpone elections until the rainy season and when there will be impossible to hold the three elections – local, provincial and federal – after the rainy season, either he has planned to hold the federal election only or he has the wish to extend the tenure of the present parliament for one or two more years to buy time to consolidate the party!

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