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When sitting judge has to knock the Court door

By Our Reporter
The main task of the judges is to give justice to the people. But in Nepal the judges themselves have to knock the door of court seeking justice.
It is what has happened to Surendra Bir Singh Bansyat, the chief judge of Janakpur High Court.
Chief judge Basnyat filed a writ in the Supreme Court claiming that Chief Justice Sushila Karki made a change in his birth date.
The SC has already called a meeting of the Judicial Council to discuss the case.
A single bench of Justice Ishwor Prasad Khatiwada had invited the concerned parties to be present at the court.
Basnayat claimed in his writ that CJ Karki changed his actual birth date of 2011/03/19 (1954 July 3) to 2010/11/18 (1954 March 1). According to the changed birth date Basnyat became five months older than his actual age.
SC Justice GopalParajuli had also accused Chief Justice Karki of changing his date of birth. However, the public and the lawyers believe that Parajuli was wrong in the claim. However, in the case of Basnyat, most lawyers think injustice was meted out against him.
“In this case, injustice is meted out against judge Basnyat, it is not like the case of GopalParajuli, who had presented two separate citizenship certificates,” a lawyer said in the condition of anonymity.

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