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PM Dahal performs double standard

By Our Reporter
Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who has earned a bad name for swinging from earlier agreement, has again exhibited his untrustworthy nature by telling the Madhesi leaders that he would not announce the dates for the local polls without receiving their consent.
Earlier, he had told the leaders of the Nepali Congress and CPN-UML that he would soon announce the poll dates, and to convince the NC and UML leaders he also instructed the Election Commission to make preparations for the polls.
However, a day after the meeting with NC and UML leaders, the Prime Minister on Friday reportedly told the leaders of the Madhes-based parties the opposite.
He assured the leaders of theMadhes-based parties that the dates were yet to be announced and he would not announce them without addressing their concerns. PM Dahal had met the Madhesi leaders without having any representatives from the NC, the major coalition partner of the government.
The meeting and the views expressed by Dahal had made both the big parties suspicious about his motives.
They suspect whether PM Dahal wants to stick to power without announcing the poll dates.  It was also PM Dahal who had instigated the Madhes-based and other ethnic parties to launch protests against the preparations made by the NC-UML government to promulgate the constitution in January 2015. PM Dahal’s party and Madhes-based parties had forged alliance to prevent the Constituent Assembly from promulgating the constitution.  The lawmakers of his party had vandalised the CA hall.
But after the 2015 earthquake Dahal severed the alliance, which culminated in the promulgation of the constitution in September 2015.
But now Dahal who became PM in the support of the NC and Madhesi lawmakers seems to be close again with the Madhes-based parties.
However, after the controversial expressions of the PM following his meeting with the Madhesi leaders, differences have surfaced between the NC and the PM Dahal with the NC leaders fearing that PM Dahal might not announce the poll dates.
NC general secretary DrSashankKoirala has been telling that the local polls should be held prior to making any amendment in the constitution.
Koirala clarified in Bhakapur Monday that his party had a stance of amending the constitution only after holding local poll.
But contrary to Koirala, Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister BimalendraNidhi on Monday said that the local polls would not be held without amending the statute.
In a press meet in Jaleshwor, Nidhi Monday said that elections were possible only after the endorsement of the constitution amendment bill.
Meanwhile, the NC faction led by Ram Chandra Poudel has exerted pressure on Deuba to call the central committee meeting on party’s stance on constitution amendment as a few lawmakers including DhanrajGurung have been opposing the amendment bill.
The situation is such that the amendment bill may not be endorsed and the Madhesi leaders will apply every tactics to foil the elections held without amending the constitution. As such, PM Dahal may not announce the elections dates.
If Dahal does not announce the poll dates and elections are not held by June, there will be no chance for Deuba to become PM. Dahal and Deuba had reached a gentleman agreement that the former would hand over power to the latter after holding the local polls. If Deuba does not see chance of becoming PM, the Dahal government is sure to collapse. RPP chair DrPrakash Chandra Lohani said on Monday that the relevance of the present government ended.  Lohani also hinted that RPP,one of the ruling parties, is soon calling back its ministers from the government.

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