Saturday , September 22 2018
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Let all the Nepalis return to the motherland

By PR Pradhan

pushpa-columnAfter emergence of Donald Trump as the president of the US, the only super power in the globe, the entire world has been strongly jolted. Will he be able to establish new world order or will he keep the US aloof from the entire world, only time will tell. Also, will he be a successful leader or he is going to face impeachment in the history of America, that also time will tell. So far, Trump has given the message that America is not for those immigrants…let the immigrants return to their own country. There are a large number of America loving Nepali people whose dream is to go to the US and settle-down there. The American visa has become an important part of the life of the Nepalis. The Americans too are using the high-ranking security officials, civil servicemen, Supreme Court judges by offering visa to them and their kids and using the senior official in the interests of their country. The then minister Lalbabu Pandit had disclosed that many senior Police officers and civil servicemen were holding American green card and visa despite doing job in Nepal. After all, American cannot be the motherland for the Nepalis. Therefore, instead of staying in the US in a humiliated manner, let all the Nepalis return to Nepal to make the country better. After Trump assumed office on 20 January, he turned eyes towards the immigrants and also construction of a big wall on America’s border with Mexico to stop Mexicans’ illegal migration to America. By describing excellent relations between Nepal and India, both the countries have kept their international borders open. Along with open borders, opportunities have been opened for the smugglers, fake currency traffickers, criminals and more seriously, it has created risk of international terrorist movement. The recent INTERPOL meeting held in Kathmandu hadconcluded with the conclusion of possibility of ISIS movement in Nepal. ISIS has already developed its network in neighbouring countries including Bangladesh and by taking benefit of political instability in Nepal, the international terrorist elements may develop their network here also. Nepal is bordered with two giant neighbours India and China. If Nepal will become a safe haven for the terrorists, it can be a serious threat to both the neighbours. In this regard, Nepal should regulate the international borders with India. Also, India should become positive on construction of border walls in Nepal-India borders to check possible attack on India by the international terrorist groups. Whether we like it or not, we need to construct walls and we need to make travel documents compulsory while visiting each other’s country. . When America decided to construct walls in her borders with Mexico, our leaders and the Indian leaders have to take a bold decision to construct walls as well. Today, CK Raut type of people is trying to intensify separatist campaign. Sure, he is being backed by some foreign powers, who want to create instability in Nepal and create space for them to play from here against India and China. Both the neighbours should be alert with such activities taking place in Nepal. Our political leaders and security organs including the Nepal Army should take the Raut campaign in a serious manner and the government should take strong action against them. It is believed that some European countries are supporting Raut. There is the possibility of involvement of some sectors in India behind Raut.
Our leaders have committed a blunder by providing citizenship to the Indians. The present Tarai problem has been created not by the real Tarai people but by those Indians who have obtained Nepali citizenship certificate. Therefore, investigation has to be carried out to those who have obtained Nepali citizenship certificate by producing fake documents.
After all, foreign is foreign. America is a foreign country for the Nepalis. The Nepalis staying there should return to their motherland rather than extending their stay illegally or obtaining visa by producing fake documents. Also, all the Nepali youths staying abroad should return to their motherland to make Nepal a prosperous nation. Yes, this nation has been ruined by the foreign puppet political leaders. We need strong voice to counter these foreign puppets. All the youths should stand together to defuse anti-national acts committed by our political leaders. Yes, we can make Nepal!

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