Friday , September 21 2018
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Citizens Bank organizes financial literacy programme

By Our Reporter
citizen_bankCitizens Bank International Ltd, in collaboration with Louis Berger, supported by DFID, organised financial literacy programme for two days in the earthquake affected areas in Nuwakot 4 VDC – Laharepouwa, Kabilash, Thansingh and Budhasingh. The programme was organised aiming youths, students, females, marginalized community, family depended on remittance. The financial literacy programme was organised to provide general knowledge about the banking system, saving and credit system. Also, the programme was aimed at informing the clients about advantages of saving and developing practice of investing in the productive areas.
Meanwhile, the Bank has inked an agreement with the Casco Financial Services Ltd, UK, to transferee money from the European countries. From now onward, Nepalis here can receive remittance sent from the European countries through the Bank and its 58 branches and above 3000 sub-agents all over the country.
The agreement was signed by Ramdhan Shrestha, assistant chief executive of the Bank and Jack Briyant, board member of the Casco Financial Services Ltd.

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