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“Supreme” leaders’ actual size

By PR Pradhan
pushpa-columnOn Sunday, we observed Martyrs’ Day. The Day has been devalued as the political leaders have declared their workers – even those who died in accidents – as martyrs. This is unfortunate that from such a practice, the height of the real martyrs has been decreased. Alas, everything is possible in this “loktantra”!
Baburam Bhattarai, who has not been able to justify the killing of above 17 thousand innocent Nepalis, quit the Maoist party by launching “Naya Shakti” (New Force), which has totally deleted the names of Marx, Lenin and Mao. The very Bhattarai has tried to give advice to us saying that the statue of King Tribhuwan should be shifted to any other location from the Martyrs’ Gate. It seems, he has forgotten the contribution of King Tribhuwan to end the Rana rule. It is virtually true that Bhattarai is in a move to finish identity of this glorious country. One suggests, instead of removing King Tribhuwan’s statue from the Martyrs’ Gate, it would be nice if Bhattarai would move to the country having his loyalty.
We can see Baburam Bhattarai and Pushpakal Dahal performing as comedians sometimes in Dhoti-Kurta, sometimes in other dresses but we have never seen them in Daura-Surwal, so far, they prefer pant-coat as official dress. They claim that they are encouraging different nationalities by doing so, however, they are trying to finish the Nepali identity – Nepali culture, tradition, language, religion, etc. By declaring Nepal a secular state, they have welcomed Christianity, by declaring Nepal a republic, they have invited foreign powers in the country and by declaring Nepal a federal nation, they have invited ever-ending conflict among the Nepali people. Those true nationalists such as King Birendra have become martyrs and traitors have become the rulers of this nation. Consequences of such a practice are that what the country and countrymen have been experiencing at present! In real term, the present rulers, puppets of foreign powers, are destroying this beautiful nation. The Transparency International has ranked Nepal as the third most corrupt nation in South Asia. Personally, I doubt, there could be some statistic errors, otherwise, Nepal should have been the No 1 corrupt nation in South Asia. Afghanistan and Bangladesh are placed as No 1 and No 2 corrupt nations but these countries’ economy has not been down-traded as economic growth is encouraging compared to Nepal’s economy. In foreign trade, we are facing two billion rupees worth loss per day. In the “autocratic panchayat days”, Nepal was known as an agro-products exporting country, these days, we are importing billions of rupees worth agro-products including rice and vegetables. To some extent, in a decade of “loktantra”, KP Sharma Oli had made some efforts to make Nepal a self-reliant nation. In a very short period of nine months, he had initiated many things in spite of adverse circumstances but foreign powers which never wanted to see a prosperous Nepal, conspired against Oli and Pushpakamal Dahal came to replace him as per the design of our southern neighbour. Dahal is now performing total surrenderism to the South. We cannot expect anything else for the nation neither from Dahal nor from Sher Bahadur Deuba, another puppet of India. Often we read reports of border encroachment by the Indians, construction works at the no-man’s land, demolish of the border pillars but our leaders never speak a single word on such acts of the Indians. From a greater Nepal having the borders up to Tista River in the East, Satlaj River in the West and Ganga River in the South, Nepal has shrink to the present borders – Mechi River in the East, Mahakali River in the West and the Tarai districts in the South. That apart, many wards in Susta VDC have been encroached by the Indians. According to Buddhinarayan Shrestha, noted border expert, India has encroached about 59,970 hectares of Nepali territory at 54 points in 21 districts adjoining India in the east, west and South. The Nepali leaders have not spoken against the Indian bullying.
The present system which has been imposed on us is not going to be functioned. But our leaders are unable to say that it is a non-functional system as they have already sold their souls to the foreign powers. They believe that they are the “supreme” leaders having people’s mandate and they are above the constitution. Once if there will be election, the leaders will know their actual size.

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