Tuesday , September 18 2018


editWhere are we heading towards, we don’t know. Whether the present path will carry us towards united, indivisible, strong and prosperous Nepal? Whether the present path will ensure sovereign and independent Nepal? Whether peace and political stability prevail in Nepal?Can the political leaders answer these questions?
We have achieved an expensive constitution – in the sense the money we have spent to draft it, also in the sense we have spent the time to draft it – yet, we are facing challenges on implementation of the very constitution.It is sure that the constitution, which has carried vested foreign interests, is not implacable in the Nepali context. If the constitution is forcefullyimposed, it will be harmful. Among those, who had drafted the constitution, one section is predicting for its amendment, whereas, another section is predicting for implementation of the constitution by holding the elections. The other section is threatening to launch bloody agitation if not responded its demand. More seriously, a section in Tarai is openly involved in separatist activities. These are the indications that our journey is to nowhere, except from destroying our traditional values and identity by inviting bloody conflict.
The activities related to separation of the nation should not be undermined. Unfortunately, the political parties in the government have kept mum on such separatist activities taking place within the country. Maybe, today, thenumber of those who are involved in separatist movement can be small but it may go beyond the control if neglected now. To recall, when the Maoists had gone underground, there were hardly 300 people supporting the Maoist cause. The number of Maoist supporters was increased in a multiplying number, in result, above 17 thousand innocent people sacrificed their life in the ten years of the Maoist “people’s war”. Even the Maoist leaders in power have not been able to justify the loss to the nation from the armed conflict.
A constitution is no more than a law of a country. If the law is impractical and if it is inviting serious threats to the nation, it should be scrapped. Although, it has been claimed that this is the constitution written by the Nepali people, this is just a compilation of foreign agendas, which cannot be implemented in the Nepali circumstances. More importantly, the present constitution cannot guarantee political stability but it will invite prolonged conflict. Therefore, as early as possible the major political parties should seek alternate to the present constitution instead of wasting time.

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