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The holiday episode

By PR Pradhan
pushpa-columnIn spite of the government efforts to overshadow the contribution of King Prithivi Narayan Shah the Great, the entire nation observed his birth anniversary on 11 January with great fanfare. In spite of pressures from RPP leaders and also NC and UML leaders, the government headed by Maoist Center denied to give national holiday on the birth anniversary of creator of modern Nepal. Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal was seen reluctant to declare national holiday on the birth anniversary of the Great King.
Yes, we know, on the Christmas Day, when some Christianity campaigners approached to PM Dahal for declaring national holiday, Dahal immediately accepted this proposal. Also, when India’s lame-duck and ceremonial president Pranab Mukharjee was visiting Nepal, the government decided to give national holiday in honour of Mukharjee. When the government took such a decision, commoners and even UML leaders had made strong reaction against the government. Understandably, these were the efforts to please their foreign bosses. The leaders in the NC and MC have performed total surrenderism by announcing unnecessary holidays on those occasions.
We know, since introduction of this “loktantra” Nepal has become a country of holidays as holiday is being announced even during the festivals of different communities. Such holidays have created a huge economic loss to the nation and the leaders, who are not in power to build but to destroy the nation, are giving holiday in different occasions.
Prithvi Narayan Shah is the founder of the present Nepal. He unified more than 40 small countries and built greater Nepal having borders from Tista in the east, Kangada in the west and Rivar Ganga in the south. Today, we have our motherland Nepal with the Nepali identity. The political leaders have been able to enjoy the post of the prime minister, president of this sovereign and independent country because of the contribution of the Great King. By forgetting the contribution of the Great King, the foreign puppet leaders have done great injustice on the Nepali sentiment. In 2006, after introduction of “loktantra”, Krishna Shitaula, who is known as more Indian than the Indians, was being rewarded as the home minister. He took the decision to scrape the national holiday along with scrapping national unity day, which was being observed on the day of birth anniversary of the Great King. We can understand the intention of Shitaula, who is working to fulfill the Indian mission here.
Rastriya Prajatantra Paty (RPP) (earlier RPPN), like in the past, had organised a tea reception on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the Great King. The party observed the event as national unity day. There was a big crowd of people attending the reception. UML chairman KP Sharma Oli, who had also attended the tea reception, disclosed that last year when he was the prime minister of a coalition government, he had tried to declare national holiday on the birth anniversary of the Great King but he was unable to do so due to the protest of the Maoist leaders.
Why the Maoist leaders have tried to overshadow the Great King’s contribution can be understood as they by exploiting the word “nationalism’ are serving foreign interests. However, the Maoist leaders have been exposed very badly among the commoner. They are not the patriotic forces as commoners have started to say that the present coalition government has been formed to serve the interests of the foreign powers, therefore, they have tried to delete the contribution of the Great King. However, the Maoist leaders have been failed to do so as the commoners celebrated the Great King’s birth anniversary nationwide. Commoners have become angry that they have started to condemn the leaders in the present government.
Of course, people from different walks had paid tribute to the Great King by being present at the statue of the Great King in front of the Singha Durwar main gate. It is unfortunate that the government was hesitant to declare one day holiday on this event. However, the Maoist leaders’ intention of sabotaging the image of the Great King has become counterproductive for the entire Maoist party and also for the Nepali Congress, coalition partner in the government headed by the Maoists. Such intentions of the NC and MC leaders have proved that they are Christian agents. Why Christians are against the great King, that also we can clearly understand. The Great King was encouraged to unify the modern Nepal to save Nepal from the Christians at that time. As one after another stated in India was annexed by the British East India Company, the Great King felt a threat to Nepal and thus, had initiated this humble job of unification of the modern Nepal. The Great King had kicked out the Christians as they were campaigning for Christianity in Nepal at that time. Those Christians, who were kicked out from Nepal had sheltered in India and tried to defame the Great King. After the unification of the greater Nepal, the Great King had claimed that Nepal has remained a true Hindustan (the home for the Hindus). The British rulers were unable to defeat the united Nepal, therefore, they were not only against the Great King but were also against the institution of monarchy in Nepal. Needless to say, there also were Christians’ hands in removal of the institution of monarchy and declaring Nepal a secular nation. The leaders who had entered the agenda of secular republic federalism, have pocketed a huge amount of Euros and dollars, it is now an open secret.
However, from such deeds of sabotaging the contribution of the Great King by the government, they have lost their popularity, which, they can test over the election result.

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