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A failed system


By Our Political Analyst With whatever words we decorate the present system – loktantra or new Nepal or drastic change or offensive jump – the system is not functioning on track. There was a system in panchayat. The 1989 political change had weakened our established mechanism and the 2006 political …

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Where are we heading towards, we don’t know. Whether the present path will carry us towards united, indivisible, strong and prosperous Nepal? Whether the present path will ensure sovereign and independent Nepal? Whether peace and political stability prevail in Nepal?Can the political leaders answer these questions? We have achieved an …

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Critical scenario


The leaders of the major three parties claim that above 90 percent of the people’s representatives had endorsed the present constitution, commoners have not been able to take ownership on the constitution. Although the very leaders are saying that this is the first time in the history of the country …

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India and postal roads

By Prajwal Shrestha According to a report in Nagarik vernacular daily, due to the Indians, construction of the postal roads in Tarai districts was delayed by 13 years.The East-West postal roads were the traditional roads in use earlier to construction of the Mahendra East-West Highway. The roads pass through middle …

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Will local elections be possible by May?

By Our Reporter Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Nepali Congress president Sher Bahadur Deuba have been reiterating that the local elections would be held by mid-May this year. These two leaders have been stating that the dates for the local polls will be announced in a week and the …

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Will constitution be amended?

By Our Reporter Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal inducted two ministers from small parties with a hope that they would support to endorse the constitution amendment bill tabled in the parliament. Prem Badaur Singh of Samajwadi Party Nepal and Kumar Khadka of Akhanda Party Nepal were appointed new ministers. However, …

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The foreign hand in the agitation of 2006 is now all too public


We have interviewed to political analyst Shrish S Rana on contemporary political issues. Excerpts of the interview as given below: Q. How have you observed the present political situation? A. It has been almost over a year since in my last interview with you I had said that the terai …

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Government attorneys boycott court

By Our Correspondent The district attorneys and those working at the office of the Attorney General have started boycotting the court to protest against the appointments of the 80 judges in the high courts. Even Attorney General Raman Shrestha has supported the protest that began from Sunday. The Judicial Council …

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Agitating Tarai leaders responsible for Tikapur massacre

By Our Reporter A parliamentary committee formed to probe the Tikapur massacre has found the leaders of Federal alliance including NC lawmaker Amaresh Kumar Singh and Maoist leader Dev Gurung for instigating the Tharus for the heinous crime. The agitating Tharus had killed seven police personnel including a  senior police …

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Nepal can be safe haven for international terrorists

By Our Reporters Nepal that has already become a transit point for the smugglers of gold and animal parts is likely to turn a safe haven for the international terrorists. The weak law and order coupled with weak intelligence service and open border between Nepal and India offer a good …

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