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Upendra Mahato eying Birgunj Sugar Factory’s land

By Our Reporter
upendra-mahatoControversial businessman Upendra Mahato is trying to capture 800 bighas of land belonging to the Birgunj Sugar Factory around Dumarwana, Simira and other places in Birgung city.
By using Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal’s controversial son Prackash Dahal, Mahato, founding president of the Non Resident Nepalis Association, has made efforts to lease the valuable land for 40 years to establish Patanjali Ayurved Pvt Ltd. As per the present market price, the land will cost 50 billion rupees. Mahato was eying this land belonging to the government for a long time. Ten years ago, during the then King Gyanendra’s direct rule, Mahato had tried to capture this land in prime location, however, the king didn’t accept this proposal of Mahato.
The Patanjali Ayurved Pvt Ltd is registered at the Office of the Registrar in the name of his wife Samata Prasad. Just recently, PM Dahal had inaugurated the proposed company. Mahato has claimed that he has invested 1.5 billion rupees in this venture, however, he has not been able to disclose the source of investment amount.
In Nepal, there are several Mahato owned business companies, however, he has not brought the investment amount through the official channel, rather, he has brought the investment capital from India through Hundi.
Presently, Prakash Dahal has developed business relations with Mahato. It is said that Mahato, to take benefit from the business, has allotted 15 percent share to Prakash Dahal in this Ayurved Company. Also, Mahato has gifted a car worth 15 million rupees just to please Prakash Dahal. PM’s wife Sita Dahal is aware about these deals, said a source.
The source said that Mahato is making business deals by using Prakash without notice of PM Dahal. Prakash, by abusing PM Dahal’s influence in the government offices, is working on behalf of Mahato. In the course of capturing the valuable land belonging to the Birgunj Sugar Factory, Mahato has used Prakash. Prakash Dahal and Mahato’s business partnership would be very costly for PM Dahal, said a minster in Dahal’s cabinet.

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