Monday , September 24 2018

The Streets Again

editThe impasse in the legislature is to be followed officially in the streets what with the opposition alliance announcing the date for their rally in Kathmandu. It is not just speculation that the streets have been warming up already at their behest but the declaration that they are to hold a mass rally in Kathmandu signals a new phase designed to pressure the house from the streets to break the stalemate. The constitutional crunch must be avoided again and that can only be done when the divergent views on the constitution is narrowed. The problem is the confusion over from where to begin the disentanglement process when each party cluster tends to tow a separate thread which is at cross purposes with that towed by the other. Yes, the constitutional crunch is real.
The problem is that it is increasingly being felt that the opposition, retained in the House, as yet, will spill to the streets for decision. The people are aware that unconstitutional excesses have been committed for sake of political convenience and the conclusion is that foreign agenda found easy access in Nepali politics for organizational advantage at the expense of state. Increasingly, the population is aware that international competition reflects itself in Nepali politics to the detriment of national interest. There is hope among the population that this burden on the state and its exacerbation because of the international competition is failing the competitors themselves. How the Tarai problem is now spreading its wings towards the ethnic communities that for some years had mellowed tells the people that new sources of investments have once again been largesse. It does not befit a state like ours to pontificate on how others should run their policies. However, since our outward looking policies now concede that there is a world wide resurgence of nationalism, its reflection on Nepali politics is anticipated.
One finds, thus, that, increasingly, public gratitude to the founder of the nation, Prithwi Narayan Shah, till recently castigated to the point that his birth anniversary was no longer a national holiday, is now more assertively pointed out in public. Increasingly, the national flag is furled to demonstrate that the streets are not for partisan use alone. The Hindu Kingdom agenda has now more frequently begun voiced in public. And, the republican agenda, has been so denigrated as to make it the only so called agenda of what is termed the second people’s movement a decade ago. This is especially after the promulgation of a constitution that invited amendment the very week after promulgation when it came to defining the confederated state through the delineation of boundaries that continue to be the bone of contention. The reawakening of Nepali nationalism will only carry meaning, though, when it is conceded publicly that compromises made were to suit partisan gains alone and corrections must begin at the source.

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