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Significance of establishing China Book Center in Nepal

By Sundar Nath Bhattarai
image0012Establishing”China Book Center”, the first of its kind in Nepal,has a great significance for which we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding between China Study Center and China International Publishing House. This would assign our Center to act as China Book Center in Nepal.
Our second important purpose is to enter into an agreement on the Publication of the Nepali Edition of the Book “Xi Jinping: The Governance of China” in Nepal.  An agreement has been signed between China Study Center Nepaland ForeignLanguage Press of China for the publication of 2000 more copies of this book in Nepal.
The main purpose of the China Book Center is to promote understanding of China among Nepalese readers by making Chinese Books available and organizing Chinese salons, lectures and also Chinese Language Classes. The Book Center will be open to public withlimited numbers of books, for the time being, on and about China and, in due course of time, will be expanded with more such books and materials for the Nepalese readers.
We believe that the Book Center, as well as Nepali edition of President Xi’s Book will cater to the quest of the Nepalese readers, intellectuals and researchers for information about China,and its vision, plans and policies, the Chinese Dream of rejuvenation and its role in neighborhood, regional and international arena. This, I am confident, will greatly contribute to understand China in a more authentic manner, which will eventually promote better understanding between the people of Nepal and The People’s Republic of China for the common good of both countries and their people in the days ahead.
(Bhattarai is acting chairman of the China Study Centre, Nepal)

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