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Pous a significant month

pushpa-columnKing Mahendra had introduced partyless Panchayat democracy on 1 Pous 2017 BS (15 December, 1960). After dawn of multiparty democracy on 18 February, 1991, for several years, the country passed through a transitional period. The political parties were unable to perform properly. In result, the then King Mahendra had to introduce partyless panchayat democracy. The Panchayat System existed in the country until 1989. During the panchayat era, the country witnessed political stability, peace and progress in all sectors. Thus, King Mahendra is remembered as a visionary patriotic leader. Nevertheless, a section of people criticize him as anti-democratic leader and the day when the panchayat democracy was announced, i.e. 1 Pous, is observed as the black day by them. After introduction of multiparty democracy, the multiparty leaders observed 1 Pous as black day and they tried to omit King Mahendra’s contribution to this nation. After 2006 April uprising, they even tried to remove the role of Shah kings to this nation. Specially the Maoist cadres and leaders demolished statue of the kings one after another. Baburam Bhattarai even tried to demolish the Martyrs’ Gate. King Birendra and King Prithivi Narayan Shah the Great were the target of the Maoists. They deleted the word “Royal” from the Royal Nepal Army and Royal Nepal Airlines Corporation, among others. They stopped observing national unity day on 27 Pous as the day is the birth anniversary day of King Prithivi Narayan Shah the Great, founder of modern Nepal.
After the 1989 change, there were very few people left who continuously lauded the role and contribution of King Mahendra to this country. This scribe was one among such few people to laud the role of King Mahendra. Again, in 2006, those Maoists treated as enemies who were lauding the contribution of the Shah kings to the nation. During that time also, a few people, including this scribe, were left to laude about the monarchs’ contribution. People have been experiencing “loktantra” for more than a decade and things have gone from bad to worst on a daily basis. Due to this worsening condition more and more people are remembering the past and lauding the role of the Shah Kings and this being the absolute truth, I know from my personal experience that truth always wins in the end. Today, the image of the political leaders in power is being projected as traitors. Even intellectuals either tilt with the Nepali Congress or with the Maoists, they have started to say that the Shah kings never surrendered to the foreign powers and they always safeguarded national independence, sovereignty and respected people’s aspirations.
When a section of people launched agitation demanding introduction of multiparty democracy, King Birendra, to know the people’s mood, conducted referendum to choose the political system by the people themselves. Unfortunately, the leaders of the day are trying to impose foreign agendas on the Nepali people just to fulfill their pity interests. People are demanding referendum to decide on the fate of secularism, republic and federalism which have been imposed by the leaders of the three parties after the 2006 political change. The leaders know that people will not accept secularism, republic and federalism, therefore, they are avoiding referendum, in the meantime, by imposing a constitution discarded by the population, they are inviting bloody civil war in the country, which is going to lead split the country. The foreign puppet leaders, although, they know the outcome of the present constitution, they are openly demonstrating their loyalty towards the foreign powers. Some of the leaders are serving the interests of some of the European countries by pocketing Euro and US dollars, whereas, many of the leaders are running behind the Indian currency that they have been receiving from their Indian bosses. They are not serving the interests of the motherland and the people in the country. Today is the era of science and technology. We are not depended upon certain newspapers or other means of communications. All are carrying 3G smart phones and they are able to receive information about the entire world immediately. Furthermore, the social networks have emerged as powerful means of information. Now, every individual is a journalist and he has the right to express his feelings. If conducted a survey on the individuals’ evaluation about the political leaders of the day by monitoring the social networks, one will find the fact that the leaders of the day are being projected as great traitors. They have not only rated the political leaders but also the big media houses which are serving foreign interests.
Be that as it may, in the crowd of such traitors, we have been able to disseminate the truth, which has been prevailed now. When we saw rampant foreign intervention, we started to say, “Let Nepal Be Nepal” and “Say No to Foreign Intimidation”. Today, these are become popular slogans among the Nepali people.
Although, the political leaders and some media giants tried to overshadow the role of the Shah monarchs, within ten years, the people have started to laude contributions of the kings. So far, we are convinced that the institution of monarchy is imminent for Nepal like country. Similarly, federalism is not suitable for Nepal like country and secularism cannot be imposed by discarding the belief of above 90 percent of Hindu population.
Today, the “black day” has been transformed as the “golden day”; people who were dis-informed by the leaders about the role of King Prithivi Narayan Shah and King Birendra, are comparing the contributions made by these heroes with the contribution of the leaders of the day. Coincidently, introduction of the Panchayat system by King Mahendra (1 Pous), birth anniversary of King Birendra (14 Pous) and birth anniversary of King Prithivi Narayan Shah (27 Pous) fall in the month of Pous. In this regard, the month Pous is significant for the patriotic Nepali people. Let’s all pay tribute to the heroes who built the nation!

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