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Leaders laude King Prithivi Narayan Shah’s contribution

By Our Reporter
Political leaders belonging to the ruling parties are also lauding the role of the institution of monarchy in Nepal. As the birth anniversary day of King Prithivi Narayan Shah the Great, 27 Pous, a gathering of political leaders lauded the role of King Shah the Great as a statesman. King Prithivi Narayan Shah was recalled as the visionary leader who found the modern Nepal, they said.
NC leader Khum Bahadur Khadka remarked that Girija Prasad Koirala had committed a serious mistake by imposing secular republic federalism from which the country is suffering a lot.
Khadka said that after the political change in 1990, the Nepali Congress party could not follow the BP Path, in result the present chaos has been surfaced. Khadka demanded for holding referendum to decide the fate of Hindu kingdom and federalism.
Khadka challenged that as he had enjoyed the post of the home minister, he knows better who the foreign agents are, in which political party! However, he denied to disclose the names of such leaders for the time being.
By receiving dollars from foreigners, the leaders have tried to destroy unity among the Nepali people, therefore, those foreign agents have to be punished, he said.
Khadka further said that the NC leaders had played the role to include federalism, secularism and republic in the constitution, which is not acceptable for above 51 percent people and also personally he has also not accept these agendas.
UML leader and MP Lalbabu Yadav said that he was inspired by reading articles by communist leaders Pushpalal, Madan Bhandari, Baburam Bhattarai, CP Mainali about King Prithivi Narayan Shah the Great.
Shah used force for national unification, he said and added that he had not used the force by abusing authority alike our leaders of the day. Shah was a true communist and democrat who gifted us a sovereign and independent nation.
Yadav further said that due to weakness of our leaders, INGOs have destroyed the nation, to which King Shah had tried to stop 250 years ago.
CP Mainali, leader, ML, said that the contribution made by Shah for Nepal cannot be compared with the contribution made by other leaders in the globe. Mainali, thus demanded for observing his birth anniversary as national unity day.
NC leader Ram Sharan Mahat, King Shah was not only a fighter king but also a statesman. He was the true son of Nepal, Mahat said.
Shakti Basnet, leader, Maoist Center, said that although his political principle doesn’t accept monarchy, he has accepted that due to the contribution of king Shah, Nepal and Nepali people have existed in the global map.
He blamed that the present state mechanism has failed to properly evaluate the contribution of King Prithivi Narayan Shah.
Land Reforms Minister Bikram Bahadur Pandey lauding on the contribution of King Shah, said that he has decided to table the proposal for declaring national holiday on the birth anniversary day of King Shah.

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