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Will constitution amendment be panacea for political problems?

By Our Reporter
sambidhan-samsodhan-750-1Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Nepali Congress president Sher Bahadur Deuba have been using their full strength to endorse the constitution amendment proposal from the parliament while UML has been trying its best to fail the proposal.
The polarization among the parties over the amendment issue is likely to invite political crisis. However, the ruling parties, especially Prime Minister Dahal, are dedicated to amend the constitution only to please their foreign masters who have enthroned them in power.
Otherwise, they should not dare to push forward the proposal even when the Madhes-based parties for whom the proposal was registered are against it.
The ruling parties seem to have not delved into a few vital questions associated with the amendment proposal.
Is the amendment to the constitution a proper solution to the political problems surfaced now?  Will amendment satisfy the Madhesi leaders who have developed a habit of adding one demand after another? Will the constitution be accepted after the amendment when a party that enjoys the support from the largest mass is against the amendment proposal?  Or will the nation move towards split after the success of amendment?
Of course, amendment can be the beginning point for the disintegration of Nepal. Signs to this direction have already been there. Controversial man like CK Raut has already started speaking louder  for separate Madhes.
Recently, Mahant Thakur said that Tarai cannot remain within Nepal.
Upendra Yadav said the proposed amendment bill will prevent the Madhesi parties from winning a majority seats in the parliament. These views expressed by Madhesi leaders like Thakur show the real intention of the Tarai centric parties: they want to disintegrate Nepal by capturing power through legal means.
Therefore, the amendment proposal is likely to be only a Pandora box for Nepal.

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