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Government inviting yet another bloodbath

By Our Reporter
It seems our leaders hardly learn a lesson from their past mistakes and keep on committing similar mistakes time and again. Last year, when they decided to create a separate province for the people of Bheri and Karnali zones, their decision resulted in the Tikapur carnage in which seven police officers including a minor were brutally killed. The country is yet to overcome the scars left by the Kailali massacre.
Indeed, the seed of Madesh unrest was sowed in the Kaillai killing and still the leaders have been bracing to calm the Madhes. Now again, the leaders look all set to invite another Tikapur incident by unnecessarily irking the people of Province No 5. The people of this province have not demanded that the hills and plains should be separated but the government is pushing into the issue of re-demarcation of their province. Of course, the government intends to change the boundaries of Province-5 as per the demands of the leaders of the Province-2. It is quite illogical and unpractical. But our power-hungry leaders are now doing such an illogical work.
The rallies organised recently in Butwal and other towns clearly suggest that the people of the Province 5 will not accept the amendment. Butwal witnessed the largest rally on Friday. Moreover, the inclusion of the demand relating to province 5 has only weakened the alliance of the CPN-Maoist Centre and NC as a few influential leaders of the two parties have joined the protest launched by the people.
Meanwhile, Nepali Congress General Secretary, DrShashankKoirala, stressed on need for unity among all the political parties to resolve the current crisis.
Addressing a religious function in Nawalparasi, ,Koirala argued that agreement of all the parties was needed before amending the constitution. He further added that constitution amendment proposal will see passage only through consensus among the parties which in turn would facilitate its implementation.

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