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Amendment proposal invites Indian interference

By Our Reporter
The constitution amendment proposal registered by the government in the parliament is likely to be an excuse forIndia to further consolidate interference in Nepal’s internal matters. Signs to this direction have already been visible. Indian ambassador to Nepal Ranjit Rae threw a lunch party for the leaders of the Madhes-based parties a few days after the registration of the amendment bill in the parliament while Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal also requested ambassador Rae to convince the Madhesi leaders to support the amendment bill.
Even the Indian government officially welcomed the registration of the amendment bill, which was not necessary, and looked irrelevant. India had only ‘noted’the promulgation of constitution in Nepal last year!
“As part of the ongoing efforts, the registering of the constitution amendment bill at the Nepali Parliament is an important step. We hope that all sides will remain closely engaged and the ongoing efforts would be concluded successfully,” spokesperson at the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, VikasSwarup said during a media briefing on Saturday.
Though the move taken by Prime MinsiterDahal to register the amendment bill without taking the CPN-UML, the main opposition party, into confidence was no surprise as Dahal has ascended the throne promising India to amend the constitution, it was not expected that the registration of the bill would face such a strong opposition from public and provide an opportunity for India to further meddle in Nepal’s internal matter.
The above statement also hinted that the amendment bill was registered as per the interest of the Indian government. Otherwise, it was not necessary to issue such a statement on a bill registered in the parliament of Nepal.
Even nine days after the registration of the bill, it is not certain whether the bill will be endorsed by the parliament. CPN-UML has been obstructing the House business and has committed to obstruct the passing of the bill at any cost while the people of the Province No 5 have taken to street right from the next day of the registration of the bill. Likewise, the Madhesi parties have also opposed the bill terming it incomplete.
When one of the points of the amendment bill proposed to separate hill districts of the Province 5 from Tarai, the people including the leaders of the ruling CPN-Maoist and Nepali Congress are strongly opposing the bill. The people have organised rallies in almost all cities of the province demanding that the province should not be broken.
It was a folly of the government to include the issue of province No 5 in the amendment proposal without seeking the opinions of the public. In a bid to please their foreign master, the CPN-Maoist Centre and Nepali Congress have taken the anti-people and anti-national step. Obviously, the demand to separate hills from Tarai was forwarded with an ill-intention of disintegrating Nepal in the long run. However, it looks likely that the government cannot bear the public pressure and may withdraw the point relating to the boundaries of Province 5.
Still there is a risk: if the amendment proposal fails, the Madhes-based parties are likely to launch another round of agitation in Terai and India may back it. And if the proposal gets endorsed, the people of the province No 5 will make their protest more aggressive affecting normal life of people.
Meanwhile, the CPN-UML Monday said it would not accept any foreign interference in Nepal’s internal matter. A meeting of the party held at Oli residence Balkot issued this warning.

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