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What the nation achieved in a decade after the signing of the CPA?

By Our Reporter
1122_a10The 10th anniversary of the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) between the government and then rebel CPN (Maoist) was marked on Monday.
With the signing of the CPA, the violent activities of the Maoists had come to an end and the country had entered into a new political course.
However, in 10 years, the country achieved little and lost more. The CPA ended the civil war in which 17,000 Nepalese were killed and development infrastructure worth billions of rupees was damaged. But the CPA failed to heal the wounds as was promised during the signing of the CPA a decade back.
Instead, a group of the Maoist led by NetraBikram Chand is still giving continuity to the atrocities like capturing the private property and setting fire on moving vehicles.
A group of Maoist combatants who were declared disqualified has been has been seeking justice while many people whose property was captured are still unable to get them.
Above all, the country plunged into political instability after the CPA and many external forces cashed in on the situation by increasing their interference in Nepal’s internal matter. The national sovereignty and integrity, social and religious harmony became their target in the last 10 years.
The Christians organizations backed by the EU and other western power succeeded to declare Nepal a secular state though no such demand was raised during the 2006 political movement. The monarchy was abolished only to make their attack on Nepalese cultures more effective.
Now national dress and the national language are on the attack. Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal does not wear DauraSuruwal and does not mark the national festivals because of the support he received from Christians in the past.
Churches have been built everywhere in the country. Family has broken due to the conversion drive. Indeed, in 10 years of CPA, Nepal has lost many her identities.
Likewise, the issue of federalism was not homegrown demand and today the political crisis is deepening due to federalism imposed by the foreign powers.
Above all, the Indian interference increased to the level of appointment of an officer in a decade. The leaders started seeking support of Delhi to form and topple any government.
Of course, many promises and commitments made during the signing of the CPA remained altogether unaddressed.
There has been little tangible progress in the implementation of the commitments, except for the promulgation of a new constitution, and the integration of a small number of Maoist combatants into the national army.

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