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Majority’s voice suppressed in “loktantra”

pushpa-columnBy PR Pradhan
The political parties observed 20 November as the 10th anniversary of signing of the comprehensive peace agreement. Some Maoist leaders claimed for achieving big things in these past years after endorsement of the Agreement, however, they have failed to identify the achievements. In the past ten years, the political leaders have introduced foreigners gifted constitution to the nation along with their interventions in all sectors. Now, even a child has started to say that there is rampant foreign intervention in the country and the leaders of the major political parties have become just the puppets of the foreign powers. The communal politics introduced in the name of identity has ended our national identities and national values. By discarding Prithivi Narayan Shah the Great, founder of modern Nepal, we have started to worship persons like SD Muni, enemy of Nepal. Our dignity, sovereignty, independence and nationalism are facing serious crisis. In the name of secularism, we are promoting Christianity. By removing the institution of monarchy, we have invited foreign intervention and we are heading towards the slavery era by allowing the foreign powers to make Nepal as their colony. Sure, our leaders are handing over the power to the foreigners to run this country. Besides, what other achievements have we seen in the past one decade?
In a short write-up in the Annapurna Post daily, literate Dr Taranath Sharma has cited how India is encroaching our soil and how India is planning to annex Nepal. But why the leaders have remained silent on such encroachments, he questioned. He recalled that when he was a student in Vanarashi, India, he had written a piece being worried with the possibility of annexation of Sikkim, Bhutan and Nepal, small hilly kingdoms, by India. Later, Sikkim was annexed, he has stated.
Interesting to read another piece by Arpana Basnet in the same daily. By profession, she is a medical practitioner at the Teaching Hospital. In fact, she is grand-daughter of Tarani and BP Koirala, therefore, she believes, she has the NC blood in her body.
She has asked for not suppressing her voice and her voice is the voices of the majority of the Nepali people. In her piece, she has demanded for restoration of the institution of monarchy for political stability as the institution is the symbol of unity among the diverse communities in the country.
Accordingly, she has explained that Nepal is the homeland of Lord Shiva and Goddesses Parvati; Nepal is also the homeland of Lord Buddha and Lord Buddha is considered as lord Bishnu. Therefore, Nepal’s identity is a Hindu nation, she has given the argument. Accordingly, the Hindu nation can protect and promote Buddhism better than this secular nation, she has argued.
Likewise, the federalism in Nepal like tiny country cannot sustain, therefore, scrap this imported modality of federalism and introduce effective decentralization mechanism, Basnet has remarked.
Finally, on the issue of citizenship, she, by quoting Prakash Koirala, has said that earlier [after the people’s movement 2] about 4 million citizenship certificates were distributed. There is no record with the government about such citizenship. First of all, the government should carry out an investigation on these certificates rather than distributing more citizenship certificates.
I have quoted her as she also represents my voice and I believe that this is the voice of the majority of the Nepalis.
Always, I am saying that this “loktantra” has been imposed by those foreign powers by influencing our so-called people’s representatives through Euros, ICs and US dollars. The then prime minister Girija Prasad Koirala, the then home minister Krishna Shitaula, the then speaker Subash Nembang and Maoist leaders Pushpakamal Dahal, Krishna Bahadur Mahara, among others, had conspired against the entire Nepali population by declaring Nepal a federal secular republic. In result, even after one decade of the comprehensive peace agreement, the politics has not been able to take a proper shape. In the last ten years, we have seen ten new prime ministers, except from that, we cannot show any significant achievement that we have been able to make.
Still, the leaders are engaged in amendment of the constitution. The constitution was written after a long efforts and it is considered as the most expensive constitution drafted in the world. But immediately after introduction of the constitution, the country witnessed bloody agitation in different parts of the country. The gang of three had thus to amend the constitution immediately after its promulgation. Even though, they were unable to address the Tarai issues or say the concerns of their Indian bosses and now again, they are trying to amend the constitution just to please their Indian bosses. What will be the long-term impact of such amendment, what will be the fate of the motherland, the leaders are less bothered. They are acting as traitors as they are serving the foreign powers. Otherwise, if they are talking about a true democratic system, why not they dare to hold referendum on disputed issues and take people’s fresh mandate? Of course, they know that majority of the people are against the present political modality – federal, secular republic — introduced by the gang of three in the interests of the foreign powers. Of course, they have pocketed Euros, dollars and ICs, therefore, they are unable to follow the democratic path in implementation of the constitution. One thing is clear that even after the gang of three will amend the constitution for the second time, problems are not going to be resolved but the amendments will further give vent to serious problems. As we have been predicting for a long time, the political course has been heading towards a negative path, the foreign puppet leaders never listened to us and now the situation has become very serious as there is rampant foreign intervention in the country and our sovereignty and independence are being threatened.
Whether the leaders of the day want a peaceful, sovereign and independent nation or they want bloodbath and split of the nation, it is the time to judge them.

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