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Open letter to Rt. Hon. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

bhruktiBy Bhrikuti Niroula

Rt. Hon. Prime Minister: Sadar Pranam!
With my due respect and humble submission, it is my great honor and privilege to write to a great leader, moreover a great human being of our time. I have gathered this courage to write to you because I found you a very humble, honest, perspicacious, pragmatic leader with rare altruistic and empathetic capabilities. Not only India, the whole world is very pleased to have a charismatic personality like you. If there is a hope, you are the hope of poor and underprivileged people of India. I am just a young Nepali student, who doesn’t understand much of the world’s affairs but as far as I know about you, you are a true blessing to India and to our region. As a Nepali, I greatly appreciate your kind words about my country while speaking in our parliament and your prompt and compassionate response in the aftermath of devastating earthquake in my country. We all Nepalese thank you from the bottom of our heart.
As you know both India and Nepal are inextricably tied together by our great civilization, our bread-and-bride relationships and common values. Due to the fact, the relationship between our two countries must remain vibrant and productive on the basis of love, understanding and mutual respect. In view of this rapidly changing world of modernization and economic globalization, we must also continue to redefine and reinforce our relationship accordingly. All our values and visions tell us that we are complementary to each other. Despite our geographical, religious, socio-cultural proximities and India’s continued economic and development assistance to Nepal; amongst common Nepalese, there has always been some sort of grievances, skepticism and bitterness towards Indian establishments. Why? The reason is: ‘dirty politics’. You are aware of the fact that how our politicians are competing each other to prove themselves who is the best faithful and loyal to India; how they importunately solicit India’s endorsement to go and stay in power; how they creep and crawl surreptitiously and make their political pilgrimage to Delhi Palace for their vested interest. Nepali people are never kept abreast of what is being cooked inside when they gather in Delhi. When know_the_pmIndia rolls out red carpet to corrupt and criminal Nepalese politicians, especially to Maoist leaders, India should not forget that they have created their political domain on the graveyard of 17,000 innocent Nepalis and by destroying billions of rupees worth of national property.
You may have realized by now that how difficult it is to deal with Nepali politicians. In your tenure as Prime Minister, you would probably see another ten more Nepalese Prime Ministers of various political parties. Fundamentally, they are the same. They are the champion of empty rhetoric, corruption and ineffective democracy. When they are in power, they are always pro-Indian; but once they are out of power, they blame India for their own inefficiency. So-called leaders of Tarai, who claim to be a messiah of our Madhesi people, are the worst of all. They are absolutely out of touch with the poor and underprivileged people, who are the victim of caste discrimination, untouchability, systematic repression and exclusion by their own kinds and colour. They never talk about education, opportunity, social justice and employment of the impoverished Tarai people. Once Nepali politicians are elected, they are automatically elevated to the status of demi-God, whereas you are simply trying to be a selfless leader and a better human being. We want our leaders to learn at least something from you, but alas, they are so much blinded by their self-righteousness and holier-than-thou attitude. They are astonishingly inept, arrogant and ignorant with no luminous and sustainable ideas whatsoever. After all, nobody believes that they really care about Nepal and Nepalis anymore.
If I may, I would like to draw your kind attention to a bitter truth about our soured relationship.  It is true and has been proven that Congress-I and Indian elite bureaucratic establishment have hurt Nepal so much in the past. You are very aware of Maoists’ atrocities in your own country. Consecutive Indian governments, especially led by Congress-I, have never been serious about peace and stability in Nepal. On one hand, they declared Maoists as terrorist outfit and on the other hand, they have harbored and nurtured Nepal’s Maoists and their leaderships. After 10 years of Maoists’ onslaught in Nepal, at the behest of Congress-I government, ‘12 Point Agreement’ had been formulated in order to sever ties between Indian and Nepalese Maoists. Whatever the motive it might have been, this infamous Agreement and consecutive political developments have destabilized our country. If Congress-I had been honest, there would have been better agreement that would ensure long lasting peace in Nepal. Then Indian establishments, deliberately or ignorantly, might have thought that they would find a ‘Bibhisan’ like personality amongst Nepali politicians, but alas, they failed to recognize 10-headed ‘Ravan’ like demons in disguise without a head of wisdom. Federalism, republic and secularism are Congress-I’s gift to Nepal. Nepalese people were not allowed to have their say in these far-reaching and controversial issues. These three ‘Made-In-India’ political ingredients are good enough to make Nepal unstable forever and our politicians are the perfect set of catalytic agent of Nepal’s downfall. Once a stable and peaceful country in South Asia, now Nepal is a fragile State heading towards being a failed state.
The soured relationship between our two countries can be sweetened again. There are very few things we Nepali people want India to do to us without any further delay. First, respect Nepal as an independent, indivisible, sovereign and friendly nation. Respect Nepal’s border and stop incursion and encroachment. Resolve outstanding border-related disputes once and for all! Review and rewrite mutually beneficial treaties. Reject all clandestine proposals brought to you by our politicians; the proposals that are not formally endorsed by the Nepalese people. Finally, use our shared water resources justly for the benefit of our both countries. We wholeheartedly welcome India’s generous and legitimate support, but we don’t want undue and unnecessary political interventions in Nepal. That would be it.
Just like common people of India, we also have great expectation from you. You are very aware that how strategically important Nepal is to India. The more India keeps on endorsing Nepal’s failed politicians and their illegitimate and arbitrary decisions, the more Nepali people will be alienated from India. Your great desire of making India prosperous may not be possible with unstable and lawless Nepal. Time is in your favor. You are a history maker. You and only you can win the heart and mind of Nepalese people. Do anything/something but in the interest of Nepal and Nepali people! You are capable of bringing a real change and creating a space in our heart for you. We love you and we trust you. If India wants to be our ‘big brother’, that’s fine, but be like lord Ram. Big brother always has big heart and big responsibility. We are so ready to be your Laxman.
I beg your forgiveness if there is something wrong with my thinking apparatus. I am a very young Nepalese student, inspired by you in many ways. I solicit your personal blessing so that I could be a better and productive human being in future. Finally, I pray to the Lord Pashupatinath for your personal health, happiness and success.
With my profoundest regard and sincere appreciation, I remain, sincerely yours,

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