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New avatars of Lhendup Dorji

By PR Pradhan
pushpa-columnThe present coalition government made by India has started to work in a naked manner in serving the Indian interests. To please the Indians, Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal is trying to amend the constitution which was said to be endorsed by above 90 percent of the people’s representatives in the Parliament. The question arises, if the constitution was endorsed by such a sweeping majority in the Parliament, why it needs to go for one after another amendment? Nevertheless, there is a readymade answer on this question that the constitution has failed to address the Indian concerns and thus it needs yet another amendment. India has not welcomed the constitution and she is putting pressure to the India-puppet government to amend the constitution by addressing the Indian concern that has been expressed from the mouth of the Madheshi leaders.
DPM and home minister Bimalendra Nidhi is lobbying for introducing the Hindi language as a national language of Nepal. He has given the argument that when there is the Hindi department in the Tribhuwan University, why not the Hindi language be a national language! To address the Indian concern, his Ministry has decided to send citizenship distribution teams in Tarai districts even though the District Administration Office, without any hurdles, is giving Nepali citizenship to those genuine Nepalis upon producing necessary documents. Even reports state that the next day of the marriage, the Indian women are getting Nepali citizenship, which is not possible in India to those Nepali women to get Indian citizenship. Sending special citizenship distribution team to the Tarai district is solely guided with the intention of distributing citizenship to those Indian nationals. Reports state that DPM Nidhi is planning to provide Nepali citizenship to additional 2.5 million Indians. Earlier, in 2007, the major political parties, by amending the existing citizenship law, gave citizenship to above 3.5 million Indians.
After signing the 12-point agreement in India by the seven parliamentarian parties plus the then terrorist declared Maoist party, the Bhutanisation process was started in Nepal. Although we say that Nepal is a sovereign and independent country, the fact is that Nepal has now converted into an India-dependent country. After the Bhutanisation process, our leaders of the day are pushing the country towards the Sikkimization process. As we all know that through the second amendment of the constitution, the Indians want to rule this country; by separating the Tarai districts from the hill districts, the Indians plan to develop the Tarai districts as a buffer zone and in the long run, they plan to annex this buffer zone like Sikkim in the early 70’s.
According to Yubraj Gautam, a noted columnist, in his article in the Annapurna Post, he has stated that currently the nation is passing through a very critical phase. The rampant foreign intervention has been witnessed due to the absence of the institution of monarchy. He has argued that to get rid from the present crisis, the political leaders having nationalist belief have to be united and the institution of monarchy has to be restored without delay. Otherwise, the country may face further crisis, he has forecast.
In Nepal, there has been two types of leaders. Those, who are serving foreign interests, they are claiming themselves as the progressive and offensive force, whereas, those patriotic forces have been alleged of being regressive elements. It is very sad to say that when those people who are worried from the country’s situation, are considered as untouchable groups. And those people who are roaming around the foreign missions, have become influential people in politics. There were the days when anybody was alleged of being anti-national or traitors, we used to be afraid even to talk with those people. They were maintaining low profile in the society. Today, the situation is different as those anti-nationals and traitors are enjoying the power and openly serving foreign interests.
Now, we, the patriotic people, have been left with two choices – either remain silent and welcome the naked intervention of the foreign powers or all the patriotic forces become united and retaliate against the foreign puppets. It is sure, the present constitution cannot do better for the nation, rather, it will lead us towards the slavery era and the nation will become a colony of India. Therefore, without any delay, all the patriotic forces have to be united to save the nation.

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