Monday , September 24 2018
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Loot-tantra in “loktantra”

editCorruption, commission and abuse of authority have become synonymous of this “loktantra” as it has become very difficult to get a clean leader in this “loktantrik” era. As the leaders are involved in corruption, commission and misuse of power, they have tried to defunct the Commission for Investigation on Abuse of Authority (CIAA) by registering an impeachment motion against the CIAA chair as he had planned to catch some ‘big fishes’. If the CIAA chair will be terminated through an impeachment motion, the next CIAA chairs will never dare to open files against any political leader.
The political leaders have become multi-billionaire overnight. Nobody dares to ask the source of their earnings. Surely, there are practices and code of conduct for making public personal property of those who enjoy public posts. Even after observing 100 days in the government, none of the ministers in the present cabinet have made their property public.
The very political leaders, who have become multibillionaire overnight, never miss to enjoy the government fund when they become ill. Some even produce fake bills of their treatment and take money from the government. The list of the leaders receiving money from the government for their treatment is very long. Health Minister Gagan Thapa, who is very popular in giving populist slogans, announced that all the political leaders should go to the government hospitals for their treatment. His ministry even drafted a policy for giving not more than 1.5 million rupees to the needy political leaders for their treatment abroad. Even after adopting such a policy, the cabinet has decided to release five million rupees for the treatment of former DPM and NC leader Sujata Koirala. Koirala is suffering from breast cancer but the treatment of breast cancer is possible in Nepal, even though, Sujata has chosen to go to Singapore for the treatment. In the past, former president Rambaran Yadav went to New York for the treatment of his prostate cancer, of which, the treatment was possible in Nepal. Either the political leaders don’t trust the treatment that is available in the country or they, in the name of treatment, want to go abroad for junket. The serious thing is why the government is providing the tax payers’ money to those multi-billionaire leaders, who hold the capacity to spend money for their own treatment by themselves.
The other part of the society is different. In the very country, there are the citizens who are dying due to lack of medical treatment and lack of medicine, they even do not get a single tablet of cetamol. Talking about the government priority, even after such a long time of the devastating earthquake, many of the quake victims have not been able to receive the first installment of the government relief. On the other hand, the cases of the political leaders are given top priority and the government is releasing millions of rupees for the treatment of the political leaders. Many things are written in the constitution defining people’s supremacy and fundamental rights of the citizens, however, in practice, such rights of the citizens are abducted by the so-called people’s representatives. The fact is that there is daylight loot on the government coffer by the political leaders. Perhaps, this is the definition of “loktantra”!

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