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Donald Trump’s victory a surprise gift to the world

By Our Reporter
a-deal-for-donald-trump-bThe unexpected victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential election has shocked the world leaders as he won the election by pushing forward the patriotic slogans like ‘America first’ and building wall on the US-Mexico border.
Trump won the election as he received support from the genuine American citizens who have been realising unnecessary intrusion of foreigners in their country. He was reported to have won the sympathy of the people living in the villages and those who have not attended the universities.
Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton was shown ahead in all media reports and exit polls but Trump proved them wrong. The election results have unveiled the true face of the American media, which reported only in favour of Clinton.
Trump’s triumph was the most shocking news for the liberal leaders after the Brexit polls in the UK. In both the US and UK, the people stood in favour of protectionism and patriotism.
Trump won the elections announcing that he would expel all three million illegal migrants from the US. After Trump’s victory, many migrants who were living in the US illegally are feeling unsafe. Even after his election to the top post he reiterated his commitment to expel the migrants who lacked valid documents. Many Nepalese will also be affected if Trump implements his plan.
Interestingly, Trump was elected as the 45th US President when the Nepalese people were opposing the idea of amending the constitution at the Indian interests. If the government works going against the people, the political parties are sure to be punished by the people. Hence, Trump’s victory should serve as a lesson for the leaders who have been working only in favour of the outsiders. Signs to this have already been there, no people came to the street to greet Indian President Pranab Mukherjee during his recent visit to Kathmandu.

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