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Mukharjee said, “stable and prosperous Nepal”!

By Prajwal Shrestha
India’s ceremonial President Pranav Mukharjee, during his stay in Kathmandu, said that he has wished to see a stable and prosperous Nepal. He said that the country should move towards political stability and economic development, which sounds very good. In reality, Mukharjee is one of the Indian characters who played the role to destabilize a peaceful and prosperous Nepal. Mukharjee, in an interview to Al Jazeera TV had disclosed that the Nepali Maoists were sponsored by India. During that time, the Indian government had put a terrorist tag on the Nepali Maoists. How India was playing such double standards that becomes clear from Mukharjee’s claim. During that time, Mukharjee was a responsible minister in the Indian cabinet. Mukharjee is one among the Indians who had played the role in signing the 12-point agreement among the seven political parties and the Maoists sheltered in the Indian capital, New Delhi. Along with endorsement of the 12-point agreement, Nepal became unstable, Tarai witnessed unrest and the power in the Narayanhitty Palace was shifted to New Delhi with the efforts of the India-puppet political leaders. Questions have been created on the sovereignty and independence of the Himalayan state. These days, our political leaders are even unable to take breath without Delhi’s permission. As we all know, the previous KP Sharma Oli led government was formed against the wish of Delhi. Therefore, the government was toppled-down not by Pushpakamal Dahal and Sher Bahadur Deuba by their bosses in Delhi. If Delhi had wished for political stability and economic prosperity of the nation, it would not have intervened in Nepal’s domestic politics. The Delhi backed present alliance between the Nepali Congress and Maoist Center have endorsed a gentleman’s agreement to share the PM’s post for nine months by each party. Is this a sign of political stability?
Our political leaders are always quarreling for post, power and looting the government coffers. Neither the leaders have the zeal for economic development nor they wish for economic revolution in the nation. It is sure that the present constitution imposed by the syndicate of the political leaders of the major political parties will neither allow political stability nor develop an environment for economic prosperity. As the political leaders are acting to fulfill the Indian wishes – political instability and ruined economy – so that India can always dominate Nepal politically as well as economically, we, the Nepalis, cannot think about a politically independent and economically strong Nepal. The fact is that our leaders should get rid from the influence of the Indians to make the motherland politically strong and economically prosperous.
Of course, we were on the proper path of political stability and economic prosperity when there was the Panchayat regime. After the dawn of multiparty democracy, one after another institutions safeguarding national sovereignty and independence were dismantled by the India-serving political leaders. And finally, under the Indo-west design, the institution of monarchy was also thrown out which resulted in anarchy flourished in the name of loktantra.
Yet, the Indian wishes have not been fulfilled. Yet, the Indians are dictating their puppet leaders to amend the constitution as per the Indian design. The Indian instruction is clear – separating all the tarai districts with the hill districts, granting all rights to the naturalized Indian citizens. So far, our leaders have already fulfilled many of the Indian wishes – granting naturalized citizenship certificate to all the Indians married to the Nepali citizens; managing electoral constituencies on the basis of population and giving special opportunity to the Madheshi community in all government organs on the basis of proportional and inclusiveness basis. The leaders of the major three parties, by amending the newly introduced constitution, had served the Indian interests. Even though, the Indians are not satisfied and they are dictating the leaders of the day to go for yet another amendment in the constitution to address the Indian concerns. In this way, we, the Nepalis, are being defeated in one after another war with India. And if the present constitution is not scrapped, we cannot say whether there will be a country called Nepal in the global map!

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