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Demise of the Thai king, a loss to Nepal

Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej died on October 13 after reining for 69 years. The longest serving monarch was 86.
The late Thai King had the big role in transforming the Kingdom of Thailand to a prosperous nation.
Throughout his 69 years in the throne, His Majesty has carried out his duties and responsibilities as a constitutional monarch under the constitution. He has dedicated himself to the benefit and happiness of the Thai people. More than four thousand projects initiated by the King were successfully operated, which were key in uplifting the lives of all Thai people, particularly those in rural areas. The King’s projects covered all aspects of development, concentrating on water resources, agriculture, environmental conservation, etc. under the concept of a sufficiency economy.
Thailand is an example to show how a country becomes developed prosperous in a short span of time under a monarch.
thai-king-6He was also a good friend of Nepal. Although he never visited Nepal, King Bhumibol provided support to Nepal, especially in the field of aviation.
The Thai Air introduced service to Nepal at the request of King Birendra in the 1970s. Then the airport in Kathmandu was not big enough to handle the Thai Aircraft and it used to drop the passengers using parachutes. Thai Air has been regularly flying to Kathmandu for several decades.
The king had a keen interes in Nepal and Neplaese culture. He even penned a book on King Janaka of Mithila—The Story of Mahajanka. A few people even argued that the king was a Maithil descendant.
Traditionally, the monarch in Thailand has been considered above politics, and for years King Bhumibol played an inconspicuous political role in keeping with that view. He was highly revered monarch throughout his long reign. He was a symbol both of national unity and of modernity. Bhumibol visited every province of his country and suggested infrastructural improvements that might benefit the people. His personal work in rural areas was widely acclaimed because of his success in convincing hill tribes to switch their growing of opium to that of vegetables, fruit, and coffee.
Thailand, as good old friend to Nepal, has always been ready to render assistance and full support in many aspects, such as sending rescue and medical team during the Earthquake time for rehabilitation, cooperation in restoration of historical site, cooperation in developing agricultural sector with Thai experts, assistant in providing necessity humanitarian medical supplies, etc. Our bilateral relations have flourished through mutual understanding, goodwill and respect. Thailand’s foreign policy toward Nepal puts emphasis on peace, humanitarian, religious, cultural, technical, tourism, economic and BIMSIEC cooperation.
Thailand and Nepal have shared common value in cultures and Buddhism. Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha and one of the most important sacred place for all Thai pilgrimage to be visited. Thailand has continuously devote to development of Lumbini. aiUniversity.
With the demise of the Thai King, Nepal has also lost a true friend.

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