Thursday , September 20 2018


Kathmandu’s ever mobile political scene is currently throbbing in all directions. The convention of the international chapter of the World Hindu Organization has had to have its reverberations primarily because of the former king’s accurate assessment of the revolting political situation in the country and the continuing exclusivity that prevails. The jamboree itself could have done with better organization and the attendance of thousands could have been increased in folds given the attendance of the former king and his much anticipated inaugural address. Moreover, the international attendance is said to have fallen far short of expectations with the government said to have worked overtime dissuading attendance. Regardless, those who did attend, remarkably, kept chorusing on the need for the country to take back its long cherished identity as a monarchy and as a Hindu kingdom and that is where the meet’s political significance lies. There is increasing international concern at the continuing impudence with which the republican and secular agenda was forced on the body politic. A salient feature of the Hindu meet perhaps was the ease with which Hindu republicans were eased out of the governing body this time. Since the past decade of secularism, a section of organized Hindus were harping on the possibility of the restoration  of the country’s Hindu identity while retaining the country’s republican establishment regardless of the fact that our current political masters continue to ignore this demand as well. The fact is that these issues are related to the blatant disregard of constitutionalism and democracy that the political impudence has ignored.
Yet another chapter of such impudence has suddenly turned up in the political scene with the decision of the legislature and the judiciary to hound out the head of the anti-corruption ombudsman. Lok Man Singh Karki, pursued by the current political establishment for punishment for having been Chief Secretary in the government chaired by the then King suddenly was publicly noticed for his dexterity when he reemerged publicly as the chief of the constitutional ombudsman. His pursuance of his job, however, helped trigger at this late stage a judicial probe as to his fitness for the job and, then last week, a legislative impeachment process that has suspended him from office. Much dust has been raised on his style of working exemplified also in the arrogance he has demonstrated in not responding to judicial and legislative summons. Coordinated media attacks are now accompanied by street activities whipped up by the impeaching political parties regardless of the sub judis nature that the case has successfully assumed. To add to this, our outsourced politics has given this case an internationalized color that has pitted our micro manager against our NGO donors. Of course, the thorough partisanization of the country and the resources that back it from abroad make Karki’s chances in retaining his position at the apex of the ombudsman commission somewhat slim. Whether this will be enough ruse for yet another change in government given the UML- Maoist centre alignment for the impeachment and the current dalliance of the Congress in outright endorsing the move  remains a possibility. Whatever, that Karki faces a Kangaroo court bent on his ouster hardly augurs well for the functioning of any ombudsman in these climes of impudence. Perhaps, the extremities of the current imbroglio will only be tempered by the fear that Karki can spill the beans.

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