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Lokman episode: South vs West

By Our Reporter
article-cover-page-letest-702x336There is a rambling foreign interference in Nepal and now Nepal has been converted as a battlefield of foreign powers. The present Lokman Singh episode is considered as a battle between India and the West.
India has used Lokman Singh to downsize her enemies. On the other hand, when those West-supported people were caught in the CIAA net, a furious West mobilized all its resources against Lokman Singh. The present impeachment motion against Lokman Singh, CIAA chair and also the case in the Supreme Court are the move of the West against Lokman Singh.
One among the charges on Lomnan Singh is that he is involved in corruption but are those political leaders — who have initiated impeachment motion against Lokman — clean than Lokman?
Nepalis can get many lessons from the present battle between India and the West that is only serving foreign interests and this will not strengthen national sovereignty, rather, it will make weak our sovereignty and independence. The other lesson is how the INGOs have spoiled our nation and how dollar farmers are running a parallel government even by mobilizing the mainstream media, civic society, student organisations belonging to different political parties and political leaders.
To save the nation, all kind of foreign interferences have to be ended. The political leaders should not run behind immediate benefits but look after greater interests of the nation.

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