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Former King Gyanedra throws bombshells at political parties

By Our Reporter
615861638Eight years ago, when the political parties decided to abolish monarchy from the country and turn Nepal into the youngest republic, they had accused the king of being causes of ills faced by the country. They had not followed any lawful procedure to declare Nepal a republic state.  King Gyanedra, to avoid possible bloodbath, also easily agreed to accept the decree of the political parties and the Kingdom of Nepal became a federal republic without any bloodshed.
Eight years after the abolition of monarchy, the people have failed to realise any change. Instead, they have become more insecure, they have noticed that the national sovereignty is at risk and corruption has been institutionalised. Those who supported the political parties in 2006 are now demanding restoration of monarchy. More and more people have been expressing views in favour of monarchy and Hindu Kingdom.
It was evident from the recently held three-day International Hindu Conference in which thousands of people reached Bankali to listen to former King Gyanedra on last Thursday.
During his speech the former King wielded the same questions on the political parties which the political parties had wielded against him during and after the political movement of 2006.
He severely criticised the political parties for following the politics of obstruction and said such politics can breed rebellion.
“Obstructionist politics will fuel discontent and instigate a feeling of rebellion among the oppressive masses,” he said. In the past, only the Maoists used to make such claims.
He further said that the current political situation has generated despair among the people.
“The recent hopelessness has made everybody ponder the reason behind the current state of affairs in the country,” he said.
He also called on all stakeholders to minimise the politics of negation.
He stressed on the need for uniting and reviving the old tradition. He said that religion and culture are the life force of a country and it was necessary to the conserve them in order to save the nation’s existence.  By making such remarks he clearly pointed out the need for reviving monarchy.
Earlier, during Dashain this year, he issued more powerful statement seeking clarifications on various political and social issues from the political parties which had abolished the monarchy.
In his Dashain statement, the former King had made a direct reference to the performance of the main political parties who robbed him of the throne in 2008.
He made mockery of the political parties’ failure to deliver on their tall promises made after the abolition of monarchy on foreign design in his Dashain statement.
He has included the following seven questions in his statement:
*Has there been positive change in the daily life of people over the past decade?
* Have nationalism, sovereignty, national unity and social amity become stronger?
*Has a pro-people governance (administration) been established by replacing corruption, irregularities, slow service delivery and impunity?
*Has an environment conducive to development, construction and industries been created?
*Have national self-respect and interests been protected by formulating a mature foreign policy?
*Have Nepali youths been liberated from a situation wherein they are compelled to leave their home and family members and toil in foreign lands?
*Have crime and criminalisation been discouraged?
Interestingly, the political parties did not make any response to his Dashain statement, which means the questions raised by the king were not irrelevant.
The political parties which had dethroned the king in 2008 raising these questions now lack guts to answer the bombshells thrown by the former King in his Dashain greetings. All the questions asked by the former kings  are related to people, good governance and weakening national integrity and sovereignty.

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