Tuesday , September 25 2018
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“Loktantra” not for the people

By Our Reporter
These days, if one visits social networks, the status of commoners are full with dissatisfaction against the political leaders and the political parties who are fighting for power and always engaged in conspiracy for power. Our leaders have proved that politics is the name of a dirty game.
When the country had the king, there was only one king but today, there are 601 kings who think themselves above the constitution. They said that the 1990 constitution was not a better constitution and scrapped the constitution by introducing a new constitution, however, they have not bound themselves under the constitution as they are violating the constitution in every step.
On the other hand, “loktantra” is being defined as anarchism. We saw taxi strike in Kathmandu with the demand that they should get the chance to cheat the passengers; we saw transportation entrepreneurs disobeying the government directives in adding long-route busses during the Dasain festival but they have denied to add the busses demanding the facility to carry overloaded passengers in such busses; considering the Dasain festival, the government has opened shops providing discounted price shops but the shops lack essential goods.
On the other hand, the political leaders and their followers are involved in daylight loot of the government coffer. Therefore, commoners have started to say that this “loktantra” is not for the commoners but for the political leaders and their followers only.

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