Tuesday , September 18 2018
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Is new polarization in the offing in new world order?

By Our Reporter
The growing tension between India and Pakistan and the increasing strategic intimacy between China and Russia show the onset of the new world order. The latest activities of the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi showed he is eager to join the American Club.
If the ongoing tension between India and Pakistan is likely to culminate into the fourth Indo-Pakistan war, China will stand in favour of Pakistan because both the countries are often portrayed close not only physically but also on different international issues. Both the countries had fought war with India while the latter has similar views as the US and Japan regarding the dispute over South China Sea.
The Indian view matching with the US over South China Sea has only angered China that has been increasing its influence in South Asia. And in case a war breaks between India and Pakistan, both China and Russia are likely to favour Pakistan although Russia has often supported India and the US was close to Pakistan until a few years ago.
As such, US will be opposing its long-time friend Pakistan and Russia its ally India.
Therefore, any war between India and Pakistan is likely to drag the international power with US and EU backing India and China and Russia supporting Pakistan.
Joining of the US club by India and marriage between China and Russia will herald a new world order with China and Russia having the role of the former Soviet Union.

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