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India intends to make SAARC dysfunctional

By Our Reporter
saarcThe 19th SAARC Summit scheduled to be held in Pakistan on November 9-10 has been postponed after India and three other nations—Bhutan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka said they would not attend the summit in Pakistan.
Of course, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have decided to not take part in the summit at the suggestion of India, whose relations with Pakistan have further deteriorated after Islamist militants attacked a base of Indian army at Uri along the disputed border of India Pakistan in Kashmir.  The militants killed 18 Indian soldiers and India accused Pakistan for the attack, which Pakistan has been denying.
After the Uri attack, new tension has sparked between India and Pakistan, the two arch-rival in South Asia. These two nations have already fought three wars since their independence in 1947.  The dispute between India and Pakistan has disturbed not only peace in South Asia but has also put the future of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) at risk as India has not been in favour of this regional organisation as long as Pakistan remains its member.
The SAARC has failed to make any meaningful headway even 30 years after its establishment because of India’s unwillingness to make it a vibrant regional body and the Uri attack has emerged as an excuse for India to make it dysfunctional. As per its charter, the SAARC must take all its decisions unanimously and its summit cannot be held if any member does not attend it.
After India and other three nations informed Nepal, the current chair of the eight-member regional body, about their unwillingness to attend the summit, host Pakistan was compelled to postpone it indefinitely on Friday.  With the cancellation of the SAARC summit, Indian has succeeded to prove her domination in SAARC member countries.
It is not a big surprise that four nations tilted to India forcing Pakistan to postpone the SAARC summit.
It is not the first time enmity between India and Pakistan surfaced during the time of the SAARC summit.  India did not allow Pakistani president Pervez Musharaff to fly to Kathmandu via the Indian sky to attend the Summit in 2002, Musharraf had to arrive in Nepal from China. These all activities show that India has been trying its best to first oust Pakistan from SAARC and later kill the organistaion itself.

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